In Search Of Sinister Circus "Back Stabber"

As if I need another doll....and yet I do. She is the Sinister Circus "Back Stabber"- LE 150.  She was the 2009 Modern Doll Collectors Convention (MDCC) Souvenir doll at the Tonner breakout event held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Someone must have one they don't want anymore. 

She has my favorite Supergirl sculpt and there is definitely a place for her in my collection.


  1. Hi Terry:
    I don't know if you hve got this doll by now, but if still interested you can find it in: http://www.dollexpo.fr/dolloscommerce/catalog/index.php?cPath=23_163
    I'm looking for Tonner Sinister Circus Madame Myst, so if you know about any, pls let me know
    (neftys4@yahoo.com). Thanks. Rosa

  2. I am looking for this doll.