Silkstone Ekaterina Arrives

So how did Integrity's Black Wednesday go for you? Did you get everything you wanted on pre-order? With 36 dolls to choose from, there must have been something for everyone. Problem is, most everyone wanted the same thing. From what I've heard, the boy dolls disappeared faster than all the rest.

Ekaterina arrived today. She is the Barbie Fan Club first doll for 2011. I thought she was overpriced but that is the direction the Silkstone dolls have taken in the last year. I don't know if I will debox her because I wasn't overwhelmed with joy when I looked inside the box.

Silly me. I was expecting the doll to look like the promo.
I suppose if I take her out and arrange her curls, she will look good. I do love redheads. I was surprised at how much she reminds me of Je Ne Sais Quoi who is actually better looking in person that her promo (and has lots of nice jewelry and a handbag and was more than $20 less.)

Strangely enough I don't have a picture of JNSQ in her own outfit. I do have this one. She's wearing a suit that came on Brilliance Monogram doll. This was the worst piece of sewing ever. Look at the white stitching across the bustline. Ugh. I have since gone over that stitching with indelible black laundry marker.

The good thing is that I learned that Monogram clothing fits Silkies.

Every time I go to the BFC site and see the Tribute Barbie Doll I am reminded that I want her badly.

She will be mine one day!
Sometimes throwing away money on dolls like Twilight Jane and a few Lalaloopsy pieces of junk adds up and could easily buy a doll like Tribute. It's pretty difficult to delay gratification when there are so many adorable dolls just asking to come live here.

This was a waste of $5. but it was irresistible.

One more thing arrived today...a cute folder which contained my BFC membership card and a key chain with a folding picture holder. It's cute. I think it could make a good luggage tag.


  1. Terri this was my first time pre-ordering anything, it was evilllllllll!

  2. I also thought Ekaterina looked a lot like JNSQ!
    I sincerely hope new Silkies do not go way up in price. When I can't afford FR, I often "console" myself with a Silkie purchase! :)
    Pre-ordering was a snap, but I was not going after any "popular" dolls. I picked up Bemused and Eugenia by email---41 Vogue rocks!

  3. I haven't bought a Silkstone in over 2 years and I am starting to see why. Ekaterina was lovely in the promo shot and just sorta blah in the box. I'm sure you can liven her though.

    Well Pre-ordering was a breeze as I only wanted two dolls and I was able to order them both in less than 5 minutes. Although Malicious is calling out to me so I may snatch her up tomorrow.

  4. "I wasn't overwhelmed with joy when I looked inside the box"
    Carefull with the BFC Tribute doll
    She shipped armless and they recalled some

  5. "Careful with the BFC Tribute doll
    She shipped armless and they recalled some" .. now that is funny.

    Funny and not so funny, about the "Brilliance" sewing, Terri. (Not so brilliant..) I also thought that was pretty bad. Oh well.. we keep buying. I am cutting back and starting to enjoy some of my old dolls.

    Stellar reporting, Terri.

  6. I didn't buy her as I thought she looked too much like dolls I already have, and I think she is overpriced (although you could use your $20 off for her and she has free shipping if you are in the USA which I am not so it costs $24.99 for me in Canada)Most of the silkies are overpriced this year...just my opinion! :) But I'm sure I will find other dolls to buy in the coming year from Barbiecollector, I always do! Corijo