Modern Sensibility Dasha and Only Natural Fashion FR2

Dasha looks exactly like her promotional photo! Yay.

I took a bunch of pictures from all angles so inquiring collectors can see everything. I had a pleasant deja vu feeling when I detached her handbag from the box. It felt like the olden days when lovely accessories were packaged with the dolls. Unfortunately one arm of the sunglasses broke off as I opened them. The jacket fabric looks like silk. The green blouse feels like silk crepe and will need a little pressing. The shorts fit perfectly.

I love, love, love her shoes. They are fragile, however, and both heels are detaching. I will use a drop of crazy glue to get them attached again. The FR2 have not only a larger foot but their instep is much higher. If you put their shoes on a standard FR doll, she will be leaning forward.


The "Only Natural" Dasha fashion came in a doll-sized box.

The jury is still out on the hat which might look better on a flat hairstyle.

I didn't have a nekkid FR2 ready to be redressed so I put this fashion on my Mini LiveWire clone doll. The dress would not fit on a Fashion Royalty body at the bustline. It was too tight. The shoes are totally unsuitable for any foot but the FR2 because of the instep as I mentioned above.

The fabric appears to be a (synthetic?) silk crepe and is perfect for this scale. The appearance of a drape was created with gathering at the waist and the serging of the hemline. It is done very well. The finishing of the back of the garment, not so well.
The loose stitch on the back of the sweater can be pulled through to the inside.
The only jewelry the outfit comes with are dual rhinestone studs. I would certainly add something around the neck.

In the picture below, Live Wire is not wearing the shoes from the outfit. Those are her own.

 Two dressed dolls (Dasha and Elise) and one fashion with shipping came to $464.93. That's ridiculous and yet I jumped at the chance to order them. And now I'm asking myself if I would do it over.  That hurts.


  1. Always great to read your reports and see the pictures, Terri.

    Really bad news about the shoes, the sweater threads etc.. I always expected with the money spent, that better care would be taken in manufacturing and shipping. With human clothes, I wouldn't accept it. I would be marching back to the stores to replace them, or just return them, period. In the past, somehow with doll items, I have found myself making excuses, and been more accepting and ultimately fixing the stuff myself. Weird.. since doll items can often cost more than human clothes.

    Love the reports and pictures. You are the best. :)

  2. I thought the fashions were overpriced for what they offered, so I did not order, but your Dasha is GORGEOUS!
    Thank-you for your excellent reporting. Yours is the ONLY blog I check everyday!

  3. Thanks for all those angle shots Terri! They are very much appreciated. Love how well the shorts fit too!

  4. I ordered the whole line! I hope I don't end up regretting it (the dealer I ordered from gave a discount of $100)! :( We'll see, maybe when I have everything and all the fashions for mixing and matching I will be happy..I was hoping to focus my collection on this line...I do hope Integrity is listening to all the issues already posted about these dolls...I have yet to receive anything yet so I will remain cautiously optimistic!

  5. Is the hat that came with Dasha essentially the same as the hat that came with the fashion? It just looks like the one hat is stained brown with a different ribbon accent? I am finding that lately with IT, often the jewelery with the sets are the same but different colors for instance?

  6. @Anonymous: Do you really think they look the same? They are totally different styles.

  7. I only have 1 pair of FR2 shoes, I don't remember if I had put them in any FR just to try, but I have one Poppy with them and she looks good =) (sure they are a tad big, but I can live with that)

    I loved that loose fashion from FR2, and I also could live with the fact that it doesn't close in the back of an FR doll - as I only photograph them on the front *lol* - but I found those fashions way too expensive, so I didn't get any. I liked that one you got, and the Metropolitan pink jumpsuit. But I was brave =)

    This Dasha you photographed, had some KILLER shoes... I absolutelly love them, and the handbag. But not the rest of the outfit really... =(

    ...$464.93 in 2 dolls and 1 outfit... OUCH. That teaches me that we should NEVER sum everything we buy at a given time ^_^

  8. I love my FR dolls and was there from day one. I cherish my older FR dolls and there have been 1 or 2 newer dolls, here and there that I have recently purchased. That said, I am very unimpressed with the majority of the newer lines and dolls. The "final" products (dolls)look awkward, cheap and I'm sorry to say, ill produced. IMHO. Thanks for the memories, Integrity.