Letter From Mary T's Doll House About Pre-Ordering

Just got this email from Mary T's Dollhouse. I might be freaking out if this were my regular dealer. Chances are that her well-established customers will have their needs met. 
That's just my guess. Mary is terrific and she should make her business comfortable for herself.

March 1, 2011

Dear Terri,

As many of you know, Integrity Toys has unveiled their new lines for 2011.  After much thought and discussion with my family (the peeps who help me behind the scenes with shipping/mailing), I have decided that I will NOT be accepting preorders for the new lines.  We will be selling items as they arrive in stock, on our website.  

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on rebuilding the entire website...this includes moving the site to a new host and rolling out a new shopping cart system.  I do not feel comfortable enough to open up preorders with a cart system I am still learning.  I realize people are anxious and will not be happy that they cannot secure a preorder and for that I apologize if this decision upsets you.  

When the time comes to sell the new items as regular in stock orders, we will send out an email blast so you know what has come in, the prices (we do sell at suggested retail) and my main rule I will enforce is 1 of each item per person/address/order. 

I am hoping that as the year goes on, that people will like our new website and shopping cart.  We have tried to address problems we have had in the past so that customers have a good shopping experience with little frustration.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. 




  1. Wow. I got the same email. I can understand that they are revamping the website, but that really should have been put on hold until the preorders were done. If she were my regular dealer, I think I would flip out, especially with the edition sizes being reduced. I think it would have been better for her to have at least announced this beforehand so that her regular customers who didn't feel comfortable with this could have ordered elsewhere. I'm sure she meant no ill, but as a customer, I would have flipped OUT!!!

  2. Today I put on my armour just as you suggested, and was able to score Imogen from Angeliz Dreamz! Yay!! She was the only one missing from my wishlist =)