Even More Reinterpreted Runway Fashions!

Posted on Dolly Daily by cocoklein who is a wonderful detective:

    Dior Couture 1997            Mauve Absolue Veronique 2003

Dior Couture 1997                 Fierce Subject Kyori 2005

Here's one posted by Nevraforever on the W Club Board. The image in the center is from Jason's RTW collection.  I don't see the facial resemblance between Dominique and the model.

Dominique FR2 2011    Jason Wu RTW 2011   Adele Makeda 2011


  1. WOW... Amazing discovery..

    Love that Fierce Subject Kyori... and the interpretation of the real one.. is really amazing!!

  2. I need to get back to basics and also get Red Blooded woman... sigh!

  3. Don't these designers trust themselves to design from their own artistic sensibilities?

  4. Wow he copied that runway model and fashion right down to the haircut on Fierce Kyori, I wonder what Jason thinks about being exposed as a copy cat?

  5. It's weird.. JW signatures on boxes sort become redundant, don't they.

    Great captures, Ms Gold. You are the best!

  6. Up to today I didn't know that I was such an ardent John Galliano fan, as Fierce Subject Kyori is one of my favourite FRs ever.

    Mr Galliano apparently blurting out Nazi paroles somehow dims my pleasure at this revelation.

    Speaking of revelation: is this not completely embarassing for Integrity (ha!) to be found out like that? Or are they entirely immune?

    This new FR/Jason Wu line looks very much like what Yves Saint Laurent did in the early seventies, but who cares? I do, actually.

    But this didn't keep me from pre-ordering Korinne, as I quite like her face-mold. Obviously few others do. To me she looks like Kristin Scott-Thomas, so I am supporting yet another copy.

    But this time I know beforehand.


  7. I simply love these..I really don't mind that the doll companies coppy from huma designers these are simply [perfect..
    BTW the first one Hugo Pineda made a reproduction (tonner size) that is SUPERB somebody was selling it not too long a go!!