Integrity Toys 2011 New Dolls ~ Part II of IV ~ Dynamite Girls

Above, The Plastic Inevitable Collection. Left to right Heart of Glass Aria; Most Beautiful Boy Auden; Downtown Darling Jett; Radiant Child Remi; Rock Candy Rufus. $59.99 each.

The Dynamite team does not disappoint. The buzz about the new male dolls is alive with collector happiness especially for Auden. The price has gone up a bit but I think these dolls are still a decent value for the money.

Below, The Check Mates Collection. Left to Right Heat Wave Aria; Summer Daze Kyu; Heat Wave Aria (on shoulders); Beach Bunny Sooki. $44.99 each.


  1. I love Kyu, I think he's so cute, and finally an male doll from Integrity that I can think about affording. I still need to find him on sale though, love Sooki too, will this be the year that I take the plunge into Dynamite Girls?
    Also did you see the odd shine in some of the pictures on the dolls? Made them look "cheap" to me, but I could be way off base.

  2. I really want Most Beautiful Boy Auden..but he is sold out everywhere ! Not sure if I want him bad enough to pay Ebay prices that will ensue..The only female of teh group I like is Aria----the other two remind me too much of---street walkers..