Elise? Not Exactly Flawless

FR 2 Bad?  I hope for the sake of others (and myself) that this doll is the only one whose hair is like this.
These shots were taken of Elise who is still in her box - thus the awful color background. I have combed her bangs smooth. She has a depression line across the top of her head from the hairnet. The bun is lopsided - severely. I bought this doll precisely because I loved her hairstyle! See the promotional picture and the picture I took at the convention.
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Integrity Promotional Image
Taken at the 2010 Convention
 I was so excited yesterday when Elise, Dasha and the fashion Only Natural were delivered. Elise's was the first box I opened and I was disappointed. I put it aside and opened Dasha's box and I was pleased. The fashion looked great but I was surprised at the fact that it came in a box the same size as the dolls' boxes.

I took a few quickie pictures and posted them on one of the doll board and posted a link on the W Club.

At that point I had decided that I didn't like Elise enough to keep her so I put her on my Show & Sell pages with two of the pictures I took of her - one was a closeup that showed her bangs looking awful.

The pictures caused quite a stir and some collectors sounded almost panicky which caused me to reexamine my doll. They were not imagining what they saw. The bangs are choppy and the hair is not the same as the promo. I have written to "Patient Care" and we'll see what happens.


  1. I did not even think bangs would be an issue since Integrity is usually pretty good (unlike Mattel) with straight bang lines.

    I din't get any of the first wave, but am excited to be confirmed for Minimalist. I regret not trying for Modern Sensability Dasha. She's gorgeous!

  2. Oh Terri...not good. I am sorry this happened.
    I do feel apprehensive now as I have for the past year or so.
    I am looking forward to seeing pics of the Only Natural Fashion. I wanted this very much but did not get it.
    Thank you.

  3. For $175, I expect the doll to look like the picture. I was really looking forward to getting my Elise, but now I am a little nervous.

  4. I've already made up my mind that if my Elise looks anything like that it's going back. That hair is so messy and I can't believe that doll was allowed to be shipped and sold at $175. I'm so disappointed.


  5. I agree! The bangs are messed up big time! Why are they so short? I don't like Frankenstein bangs. For $175, the doll should be FLAWLESS! I hope you get an answer ASAP from IT.

  6. Now I am worried about getting Pencil Me In Eugenia. She has that straight bang line, as well. If her bangs are like this, I will return her!

  7. You are correct.. not exactly Flawless. For a $175.00 it should be.

    Bad. :(

    Thanks for the report and pictures, Terri.

  8. I myself have had a few bad ones come in and it is so frustrating when ur paying so much money and Ive had a few tonner dolls the same

  9. First i saw the pic of SeloJ's elise and the head colore doesnt match the body... then this... now am really nervous about mine coming... Thanks Terri for this article... kinda prepares you for the worst... and in case there's a third defective elyse... now IT is in big trouble. not really cheap dolls to mess up with.

  10. I am among the ones that were SHOCKED when I saw your pics at The Doll Page... It's is TOO IRONIC that Flawless has so many... FLAWS.

    ...and for $175??? They better give you a replecement, that's all I have to say about your doll. That is totally unnaceptable.

    I am not nervous about mine though, as she was first bought with a reroot in mind, so I'm safe.

    To that anonymous person who is affraid for his / hers "Pencil me" Eugenia, I wouldn't be concerned about that. Elise's bang were not severelly straight, not in the promos, or in the prototype shown. Eugenias bangs should be something like "Hopelessly Captinating" Luchias. Hopefully.

  11. Sorry you got your doll and it isn't Flawless (pun intended) as she should hvae been, she was the only FR2 I would have bought had I been paying attention when they went on sale..her face is Grogeous!

  12. I love her FACE, make-up and body, but the hair is unnacceptable.