Twilight Jane from Mattel

Every now and then I give in to my 'dark' side and buy a Pink Box item from Mattel.  I liked Jane's cloak. The price was right as I used my $20. coupon.  She doesn't look quite evil enough. I still like her.

Her cloak is sewn shut at the front seam. It will be quite easy to rip the thread open and put in hooks and eyes. What I didn't expect was sewn on gloves! Weird.


  1. Terri, Jane is a vampire and CANNOT expose her skin or hands to sunlight, she'd burn up! Dont you know any vampire lore?

  2. @Ed in NY...what about her face, smarty pants?

  3. I love her outfit & her face too because she wasn't given fangs. Can you imagine what the face sculpt would look like if Mattel had to remove fangs to reuse it? For example a certain Integrity creation!

  4. Sewn on gloves? Weird, indeed. At least they aren't painted on fuzzy gloves like Byron Lars' dolls. Pretty doll, though:)

  5. Ed in NY aka/Smartypants!3/2/11, 12:12 AM

    The explanation is that Jane, when near ANY sunlight just pulls her hood down over her face, you know that swatch of material on the back of her coat!

  6. @Smartypants: What I really want to know is how they traveled to Washington state from Italy.