Randall Craig Fashion: New Sizing?

Recently I received one of Randall's new fashions, Delightful. It's a very pretty coral sheath with a bolero jacket that has puffed sleeves. The accessories include a black patent clutch bag, black patent belt, black plastic shoes and black bead earrings. Retail price, with shipping, was $62. from Mary T's Dollhouse.
According to the promotional text this item is "Fitted to Monogram dolls but will also fit Silkstones, ModelMuse, Poppy, NuFace, etc."

One of my Monogram dolls, Dreamscape, never had a photoshoot since she was first photographed in her pink gown. She was one of my (many) impulse purchases as I really didn't like her face.
I was not happy with the fit of the bodice on the Monogram. It was too big. The bolero pushed the bodice of the dress together at the front. There is too much  fabric at the sides and underarm seam so the doll can't have her arms at her sides. And...there is a really strange seam on the back of the jacket. It's as if it was made incorrectly and it was seamed to make it smaller.

The arrows point to the seams. What is this about? It's definitely not a design detail. They're like little puffy wings.

I had to take it off her and try it on another doll who was hanging out in the area.

It fits beautifully on a regular Fashion Royalty body but the seams under the arms are still too thick for the doll to lower her arms properly.
Both of these dolls have the side-glancing eyes that I mentioned in the previous post. Neither was popular. I had to cover Kyori's eyes as not only are they side glancing, they're flat and shiny.  If they're going to re-do a sculpt, Kyori needs new eyes.


  1. Too bad they messed this one up; it is a really cute outfit. I was going to ask if you let them know how disappointed you were, but I guess you just did with this post.

  2. @Vanessa: I'm not disappointed that it fits a regular FR body. It's the thick seams that are the problem.

  3. I received Delightful and Elegant yesterday and they do not fit the Monograms as described. The blouse on Elegant is too big and I ended up putting it on a regular FR body where it fit fine. The skirt just barely fit the Monogram. Your observations with Delightful were spot on but I've got it on a NF doll for now. Such lovely outfits but I am so disappointed that they didn't fit the dolls that they were intended for.

  4. Actually my two outfits fit the Monograms just fine. I suppose it depends how picky you are, but mine are both absolutely perfect!! I guess if I were you I would notify Randall Craig directly.

  5. @Anonymous
    I like the outfit on the Fashion Royalty body.
    Picky about my dolls? You betcha!