Coupons and Bargains

—Thursday, March 31 is the last day to redeem your first $20. reward at Barbie Collector.

—At Noon (EDT) on Thursday, at Tonner Direct, gift sets are 40% off and shipping is free!
The sets that the company is offering didn't originally come packaged as sets but they definitely work together.  The sale ends on april 8th at 11:59PM EDT.

13" Women of Power Gift Set of Three Dolls

 LOTR Elven Gift Set of Two Dolls

 Ladies of Oz Gift Set of Three Dolls

Twilight New Moon Gift Set of  Three Dolls

 Clash of the Titans Gift Set of Two Dolls

It would be fun to have those OZ dolls. I think they are so creatively designed. Of course I want them. I want everything I like but I'm not getting them. There is one tiny bit of impulse control left.

Perhaps if the 13" dolls had an attractive sculpt...well, I've said it already. They are mannish-looking.


  1. "Believe in the power of marketing" LOL

    How many ways can you try to unload the same dolls that no one wants?

  2. I have the OZ doll with the red hair and am very pleased with the yellow brick road stand and her detailed, re-imagined outfit. I didn't get the other two because I have enough Antoinettes and don't like the Deaana sculpt. It's good value for price though for all three.


  3. Excuse my sarcasm, but weren't the three Oz dolls "sold out" as I've so often read of Tonner dolls on various boards? Only to turn up later as Warehouse Finds (how vast is that warehouse?), under $75, etc.

    The problem is the pricing and flooding (I call it "doing a Mattel") a market that's small and eventually runs out of space or money.

  4. Well I have one from each set that I would have had any interest in. And I agree that it IS a problem, this is the kind of thing that makes me decide not to buy when the dolls are first issued and wait for the sales where they unload the leftovers they can't sell. I don't know what Tonner's marketing strategy is but I am beginning to wonder if they even have one, or if they are just winging it!!!

  5. I'm interested 2 things:

    1) These are being marketed as as a "Gift Sets". Are they being sold in the same box setting like a Gift Set? That wasn't clear to me.

    2) Is the issue of "Warehouse finds" on previously Sold Out items.. not sure about this one. It doesn't matter to me if it's Tonner, Integrity or Mattel. Somebody needs to be fired if they are doing their job so badly, that they aren't even doing proper inventory control, and tons of dolls are just being "found". I would expect to lose my job if I wasn't doing it correctly. I once asked about Warehouse Finds on Tonner's FB page, and got a curt response. Not at all unfriendly.. just kind of curt.

    You bring up a great point, though Terri.. how much do these items really cost to produce? If it were me, (and I know it's not) marketing "sale prices".. I would sell them for verrrrry close to what they cost and get them out of the buildings, stat. They are costing the company money just by sitting in the building. (Rent needs to be paid)

    Stellar reporting as always, Ms. G.

  6. i was under the impression many doll companies produce extras in order to take care of any exchanges due to defective merchandise, etc. could these not be those? or at least partly?

    i dunno....

    love the oz set, but still can't afford it right now. i'm kind of 'eh' on the others except for maybe one other doll (not the whole set!). personally i thought they should have better sale prices.