Dasha in HJ Couture

Huck (Huckleberry Jackson) offered this dress during the event to raise money for Japan and I jumped on it. I am so happy I did. It's gorgeous and perfect for Dasha. I love this doll. The body is so attractive in spite of the ragged edges of the vinyl at the joints. (hint, hint) In the first image, Dasha is actually balancing on her own which, if nothing else, proves that the shoes were made properly. Yay.
These shoes are her originals and just happen to look amazing with this outfit. Even her original jewelry which has pink and green is perfection.

Let's talk about side glancing eyes, shall we? There's side glancing and there's suspicious. Dasha's eye screening borders on the latter. Look at this. She looks afraid....gorgeous but afraid.

Even in the profile view you can see her looking at you. This is not normal. I wonder if this is the reason she was not terribly popular. I'm getting a second head of this same doll and having the pupils repainted to look straight ahead.

More on side glancing eyes in the next post. Stay tuned.


  1. Love her side glancing look! She looks shy, coy and naughty.
    I love this doll, Terri. She photographs so well!

  2. i know what you re talking about.. but i dont think it is the side glancing .. poppy use the side glance to perfection where dasha goes to more suspicious is i think because of the .. squeezy eyes.. i dunno if you know what i mean? you know she has very long and thin eyes ( a contrario of fish eyes) and then it looks like she is never relaxed. i think that s what made her less popular..

  3. Love the cautious, experienced side glance! :)

  4. I nominate the one of her balancing on the arm of the chair picture of the week. I think of all the photo's you've taken this is my all time favorite. And that's saying a lot because you take a lot of awesome pics. Can you whip that up into a tiny frame and ship it to Alabama?

    I really like this Dasha. When I first got her at the convention I wasn't crazy about her eyes. She's made for photographing as I don't think she looks as severe in pics as she does in hand. She reminds me of Blake Lively as she has the same sort of eye shape. Gorgeous pics. Such eye candy!

  5. @Teri
    I will print one out for you.

  6. Love your photos of her. They really highlight the doll's beauty and the fashion.