Filling Down Time

This is a quiet time in Dolldom. Initial pre-orders have arrived and the wait for the rest has begun. It's a good time to both squander the hours hunting down bargains or actually playing with one's collection. Many, like myself, have taken a second look at their pre-order lists and have realized that some of that time had better be spent selling. My collection is always in flux with dolls and accessories getting voted off the island and other arriving for their sojourn.
I am the shipping buddy for an active collector in Portugal for whom I slave over deboxing her goodies prior to shipping. My poor dolls have to try on the clothes.
I rarely play with Poesie Sans Couleur. This is just the most beautiful Vanessa ever. After all this time I can't get over how stunning she still looks to me. She had been wearing a black fashion for a very long time and I was worried about staining. Luckily, she was stain free and just happen to be around when "Winning Ensemble" was deboxed.

I never ordered it because the black coat, hat and shoes did not do anything for me or for the colors of the dress.
Integrity Toys' Photo
I didn't bother unpackaging the accessories or the coat and I gave Vanessa silver shoes. I love the look now and I want the dress. Oy. What a difference the lightness of the silver shoes makes. The black shoes drag the eye down to the feet in the promo image. The dress looks more feminine and the colors are more important without all that black.

Today's photoshoot included this Silkstone Barbie doll called Parisienne Pretty. This is a shot of her shortly after she arrived in 2009.
She's got a great outfit but an extremely hard-looking face and the gigantic forehead doesn't help at all.
I tried to like her. At one point I was going to sell her because I can't keep dolls that annoy me.

Yesterday she met up with another item that has been challenging, the red gown from the Kyori "Deceptively Yours" giftset. I had removed the bow a while back but still had not found a doll that could wear the dress. This one can.

I added a red patent belt, red rhinestone bracelet and some mixed bead earrings and I like the look. It did not fit off the rack; I had to sew it tighter. I  took a couple of basting stitches back and forth across the back to tighten up the bodice.

I feel sad that I sold off so many of my early Silkstone dolls when I decided that I wasn't going to collect them any longer. Oh well. Hopefully they are having good lives in their new homes. ;-)

Tomorrow I will show the results of the other dolls who were part of today's big photoshoot so stay tuned!


  1. Kyori's red gown looks SO MUCH better with the belt you gave her. I always hated that ugly bow on the original.

  2. I am so sorry about the "slaveness" of unboxing everything for me Terri ^_^

    I totally agree with all what you've wrote about the winningensemble. Too much black. I only bought it for the dress itself, it seemed like a good deal, I can always try and get some pennies later by selling everything else from the set (well... except maybe the shoes, I just *love* FR shoes, haha!). I loved the dress the minute I layed eyes on it, on last years online event, but I thought it was a bit overpriced. That is, untill I saw the FR2 separates retailing for $100. That is a bit outrageous, no? *lol*

    As for Poesie Vanessa, she is really beautifull indeed... and think she only retailed for $189 6 years ago!! Now she's sold for 6x more. I'm just glad it never crossed my mind I really, absolutelly NEED her *lol* (wich doesn't mean I wouldn't grab her, if I'd spot a good deal for the nude doll of course *lol*)