Ashleigh and Antoinette

Two Tonner outfits had been waiting to be deboxed for quite a while.
Vivacious Antoinette is wearing "Play on Words."  I have to admit that I was surprised that I even ordered this outfit because it comes with a corduroy jacket that is so totally boring and does nothing for the outfit as a whole.
Tonner Photo
The promo calls it "safari inspired." It does have real buttonholes but that is all I can say in it's defense. One of the buttons popped right off when I first opened up the garment. The skirt and t-shirt are very cute.

I substituted a Gene Marshall jacket in the second picture to give the outfit some sparkle.
Anyway, I'm getting tired of the Antoinette body and of the line of clothing being produced for Antoinette/Cami. Everything is looking the same...ruffles and frills on the casual wear and over designed, multi-layered dressy designs. Enough is enough. I'm not buying anymore. Antoinette can wear Gene Marshall clothes and for $90., which is what most of these outfits retail for, you can get some gorgeous Ashton-Drake and Integrity produced Gene clothes.

Below, Scintillating Ashleigh is wearing "A Capricious Beat."
Tonner Photo
When I saw this promotional image I knew I had to have the outfit. It's very cute. Somehow it doesn't look as cute on Ashleigh. These are little girl clothes. I think they're more suitable for Ellowyne than for Antoinette and Ashleigh. Cami is another story. Perhaps she will get all of these outfits. They were designed after she came along after all.

I didn't like the way her legs looked in any of the photos I shot - and I shot many.

I will wrap up this post with a picture that amuses me because it looks like Ellowyne is a giant next to the chair which is scaled for this size doll. Perhaps she fell down the rabbit hole.

Boo Who?


  1. What a difference the Gene jacket makes! The outfit looks so much better without the Tonner jacket (jacket does make it look boring),but it looks great with the gold jacket. As always, Ellowyne is so adorable!

  2. *sigh* you know I am a fan of many Tonner outfits... I just LOVE them. They were what drove me to spend A LOT of $$ on my little 16'' venture (that has now come to an end). I wish I could have some of that clothing design in FR size... but I understand that for someone who is collecting Tonner for such a long time, it can get bored somewhere along the way =)