The Puki Pukis

I've been working on a piece for FDQ and these are a few miscellaneous images from the aftershoot. Aftershoot?

In the first pic I wanted to show the comparison between an Amelia and a Puki Puki. Amelia is slimmer and a little shorter. Their heads seem to be the same size. Amelia doesn't belong to me so I couldn't remove the wig to check. I think I would like Amelia much more if the resin wasn't shiny. It doesn't feel like the same quality as the Fairyland product because of the finish. The legs are on the kicky side and it's hard to get them to stand. They seem to be extremely popular and they are lots of fun to photograph. They fit right in with my 1/12th scale room boxes and props!

The knitted items are from my favorite eBay knitter.


  1. Cute. I feel like I've been waiting forever for my Puki Puki. In reality it will only be 6 weeks since I placed the order this Saturday. But it feels like forever. Fairyland is really great. I even bought a dollhouse (that I need to assemble) for my Puki Lily. I remember when I got my Pukifee I stood her up and she stood on her own with no fiddling at all.

  2. @Jen: A few years ago the Fairyland products opened my eyes to how good the articulation and posing a resin BJD could have. Since then, any BJD that couldn't match up, didn't stay.
    I hope your Puki Puki gets there as fast as possible!

  3. I love the Pukis.

  4. SO Sweet, Terri...I don't own any of these guys, but I would imagine they are alot of fun!

    And a nice break from the taller fashion dolls!

    They are very uplifting to the spirit!