Amelia is in the House

I have two tiny house guests for a few days and they're having a great time. They have the Rudettes to play with and lots of toys. Here they are sitting on a perfect little couch, behaving like little ladies. How long will that last?

These dolls are smaller than my PukiPuki gals! Look at those teensy hands. They're very cute.
On the left is Basic Amelia ($145.) and on the right, Amelia - Cute As a Button ($160.) They're from Wilde Imagination and designer, Joe Petrollese. This little doll is a resin BJD, has interchangeable eyes and is wigged. There are several outfits and accessories available at Wilde Imagination. Free shipping until December 19.

1 comment:

  1. They are adorable Terri. I am sorely tempted! Hope you aren't letting them see Talc though, I think she might scare them!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Anne Moore in Saskatchewan