New Sybarites

Sorry boys and girls...I was informed by another collector that this is not an acceptable practice.


  1. Thanks for the pics! Have had no chance to even see the full pics before they disappeared. E-ville is GBP376.69. Vladimir is GBP392.74. They were sold out in 5 minutes.


  2. 376.69 GBP = 587.073 USD

    392.74 GBP = 612.087 USD

  3. @Jeannie: Thanks for the info. I posted the conversion for others without GBP knowledge. I would have enjoyed having the first one. Is that E-Ville?

  4. 376.69 GBP = 445.217 EUR
    392.74 GBP = 464.187 EUR

  5. The one with the long straight hair was Vladimir. E-Ville was the one with the frizzy reddish hair and purple dress.

  6. Sorry to hear about the wrist slap.
    Their website is such a bear to navigate that I may never find the images now. Hahah.
    Thanks for the alert though... going to try and find them now.

  7. @Uyek: Well I removed the pictures before anyone had the chance to slap. It's too bad that everyone doesn't get the chance to see how gorgeous they are. I don't see the harm but that's the way they want it.

  8. Terri I would LOVE to please see them. I would just post them anyway, I dont see why thats a big deal and who its hurting. If their is any way you could please email them to me Id much appreciate it!

  9. For heaven's sake! Now this is ridiculous, restricting their offer artificially to even
    the dolls' photographs.

    Salesmanship beyond reason.

    Sooner or later you'll find some pics on flickr or you can google some (no PR for those sites here, though).

    I think that finally does it for me, I'll completely switch over to collecting perfumes.

    Where, of course, you can find the same kind of excess, but the choice for the collector is bigger. Competition enlivens the business.


  10. Terri, I see you also converted the GBP amount to Euros, may I please remind you that people in Europe have to pay an additional 20% VAT on these dolls, so the amounts you posted are not correct as to what we have to pay (I wish) but we have to pay 20% more than that..

    Just an FYI. Because people from (usually) the States don't get why the prices for dolls posted FS in Europe are so much higher, well that is one of the reasons...

  11. @Carima: Thanks for adding that information.

  12. In fact the wolf Vladimir was sold out in three minutes and the E_ville about one minute more, as Terry said, if you blinked, you missed.... I was in front my computer and really was a joke how fast the dolls was sold. I can save the E_ville picture and she is truly gorgeous...