What's A MIM?

I opened an email from the MiM company only to see this EEK image:

Then I laughed. I had spoken months ago with Paulette Goodreau about these clever dolls,  I'm just now seeing the end results of her vision. These dolls are intended for children as opposed to collecting adults; however,  I think they are definitely worth mentioning on this blog.

MIM comes as a basic doll for $89.  She is 16" tall, ball-jointed and comes dressed as shown on the left below.
Basic vinyl colors are Peach, Bronze B and Bronze A. The doll comes packaged in a coordinating sleeping bag with pillow.

You can add optional extra eyes, wigs, outfits, accessories and a mermaid body or a horse body.If you were to choose one of every option, your doll would add up to $202.00. If the outfits and wigs are anything like the Goodreau outfits were, they are a great quality. 

About MiM

About Goodreau Doll LLC

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  1. Hmm. I realize now that I received an email from them too, but when it arrived I tagged it as spam since I didn't recognize the name (MiM) nor did anything else in the subject line sound relevant at the time.... oops.