Mauve Absolue and Forever Veronique

The last doll of 2011 has been offered to W Club members as a lottery event. There are 700 dolls and I'm guessing that even though that is a high number for a lottery, some will not get picked. I haven't been picked for a lottery in more than a year which seems strange because I used to win at least one chance in every lottery. I entered with both of my memberships.

Forever is the beautiful, original Veronique sculpt on an FR2 body. The gown is a duplicate in a different color of the Tenth Anniversary W Club luncheon surprise doll Evermore. So we will have an Evermore and a Forever and that's a good thing because there was a quite an uproar over the announcement of the discontinuance of Vanessa's and Veronique's sculpt.

 I believe this doll is meant to channel or reimagine the original Mauve Absolue seen in the 3 images that follow. Forever is very pretty but really doesn't come close to the original.

Click here to see previously posted images of Evermore Vanessa .


  1. I think it sucks that it's a lottery. All W Club members should be able to get one if they want it.


  2. @Wenchie: The lottery feeds a buying fever. More people give it a try. They are even offering a payment plan on this doll in order to sell more!

  3. She is pretty. Her face looks close to some Veros we have come to love in the past. I think Lotteries are good. It creates buzz. I like buzz. :D

  4. This will be the first Veronique I am wanting for my collection! I like th Fr2 version better than the historical versions.

    IT should continue to release special edition Vanessa & Veronique releases.

  5. I really think Forever is the prettier doll.

    Terri, I think you were exceptionally lucky with the lotteries. I have been a member since 2007 and have never won a lottery where the doll was in high demand unless Pewter counts.

  6. These dolls are getting pretty pricey. For those of us who can't get them, I shudder to think what the secondary market is going to look like.

  7. This lottery edition is 700 so lots of dolls - usually lotteries have a much smaller size - 300 or less dolls.
    She looks more like a re-edition of Vero Camera Lights Action - and not a good one at that.