Jason Wu and Jason Wu

I've posted many images of designer runway fashions reinterpreted (copied) for dolls. Here it is again only both are Jason Wu. On the left a Spring 2012 Runway RTW gown and on the right the 2011 convention Veronique, aptly named, Air Apparent doll. 
Beautifully done.


  1. I love the doll's version better than the human one!

  2. Something looks strange on the real human version. The way the dress is cut, it makes her legs look short, and her body shapeless.
    Maybe it's the angle?

  3. @Alejandro: 95% of Jason's models are weird-looking. They do nothing for the garments they wear. In fact, their strange appearance takes away from the beauty of most of his fashions. Their bodies are skinny. I guess that's the requirement. The photo was taken at an awkward walking moment making her legs look stumpy.