The Winners, The Biggest Loser and The Sleeper

This is just a short post after a long, tiring weekend. Someone counted up and listed all the dolls that were available either for purchase and/or as convention gifts including helper gifts. That number came to 38.  I believe it may actually be 39 because there is a variation Eugenia giftset that I learned about a little while ago.
I have not seen the Dynamite Girls but they wouldn't be in the competition for my favorites anyway.
The winner is Evermore Vanessa with Exceptional Tatyana following as a close second. Next is Victoire Roux (pictured in the previous post) who is tied with Most Wanted Elise FR2. (I don't have an official picture of Elise that I can post and I'm not using anyone's pic without their permission so you will all have to wait to see what she looks like if you haven't already.)

I think I'm going to love the Eugenia giftset as well. Five out of 38 ain't bad. In prior years I would have kept most of the dolls I came home with. I'm quite relieved.

I think that Sunset Rave Ayumi's outfit is hot and it's a keeper. I never liked Ayumi's sculpt and still don't.

The outfits from the Adele and Veronique giftset are also going to be calling my home theirs.

The biggest loser of the convention was Brightness Calls Isha. What a disastrous face this doll has. She must be an error the factory made because I can't believe anyone would design such awful facial screening. After the last Isha that was so beautiful, someone had their eyes closed on this one. She looks like a kid who borrowed mommy's makeup and put most of it on all at once.

Vivid Impact Agnes is the sleeper of the Convention. She will go up in popularity once collectors start to work with her. The initial photos of her were really bad. Her facial coloring is wonderful and I don't even like Agnes. But I can see that those who like the morose version of Agnes, that this one is not to their taste. Well it appeals to the rest of us. Her hair needs styling but otherwise, she's a good-looking doll.

More to come.


  1. ha I agree about the winners, That vanessa is Stunning, and Tatyana is truly a GORGEOUS doll...if I hadn't made a big purchase a week or so a go and my wedding wasn't in 10 days I woudl have jumped in and purchased them both, they are simply GORGEOUS
    The rest I hoep to see real pictures before I make any judgements...Isha is a mis fortune but I must comfess I have never liekd any of her incarnations, I sold all the ones I had, ususally bought them for their outfits..i do like her outfit tho....add to my when I have money list!!

  2. @Dolling Boy: I can't wait to get them!!!! I saw your return address label already has your new last name. So exciting. I hope someone is going to take pictures.

  3. yes somebody will take pics and I'll be sure to post some online...!!!

  4. I agree, Vanessa was the absolute winner of the convention =) hands down.