Noir #99 ~ Theatre de la Mode

I finally took a few pictures of this new Theatre de la Mode doll. I had to have her replaced because her hair top thing looked like a spaceship that had only partially landed. This is much better.

I need to rethink the background as there's not enough of a separation of tone. Sometimes I have to show the less successful images or you're liable to think I'm perfect.


  1. hee hee I love the "perfection " in this picture.
    this is a trick for the eyes! she is beautiful, she knows it, she just appears from the emptiness.
    it was made in purpose ...no??

  2. The hairstyle is much better than your first one! And thanks for both shots - I had no idea from Tonner's web site that it was a removeable jacket over a strapless.

    I like the sculpt, but still dislike the chunky Antoinette wrists and long forearms. I wonder how this fashion fits Gene or the regular Tyler body?

  3. @Dominique: Yes, it was made on purpose to be very dramatic although I did not intend her to look as if she was just appearing out of the emptiness. It's cool!

  4. @Bree: I haven't tried it on anyone yet. I did see the gown on another 16" doll but can't remember who.

  5. I know the details of the outfit kind of blend with the background, but I really love these photos. They are so dramatic!