More Talc

This doll is such a pleasure to photograph.


  1. I just can't bring myself to like Sybs faces... I do believe they must be absolutelly amazing to "play" with, posing, etc...

    I like some of their original outfits aswell, (and OOOHHHH the SHOES!! Are crazy FAB), but the pricetag on everything that is Syb, is just PROHIBITIVE!!

  2. @Ana: Just think of it this way - Don't buy two or three premium FR or FR2 dolls and you have the funds for a basic or a resale nude. If I look back over this past year and eliminate my Silkie purchases or any Mattel purchases - there's one Basic Sybarite. I certainly could have done without a few of the FR dolls - that's another dressed Sybarite. This is all about choices and redistributing the funds.

  3. Sure, and you're right of course, but in the end, I found that I just can't stop buying FR... They deliver a kind of satisfaction / thrill that I just find hard to describe *blushing here* I guess this is why it is called an adiction :/