Review: Air Apparent and FR2 Vanessa

Air Apparent uses the new Veronique sculpt (aka Fauxnique.)

The gown is gorgeous and very well constructed. You really have to see it in person to see the details. The bodice is embroidered and incorporates tiny pearls. The skirt swings out in the back from a sharply pleated front with a slightly ruffled peplum type extension.  It's wonderful. The shoes are embarrassing compared to the dress. They are squishy plastic with a crappy piece of folded ribbon in a crappy faux buckle. This was a mistake - possibly intentional judging from the other shoes on the other FR convention dolls. One of mine broke already and I didn't even care. This fashion needs killer shoes because you're going to be able to see them all the time. When I think of the scores of gorgeous shoes my gowned dolls are wearing under long dresses....I think I'm going to steal something for this doll.
Personally, I'm not a fan of this sculpt and I would rather it were the original Veronique. I'm planning to replace her head.
Evermore Vanessa FR2 was a surprise to all of us.  The real Vanessa sculpt was used for this "Official FR 10th Anniversary Celebration Doll.  At first I was sure it was the Fauxnessa sculpt painted to look like Vanessa. There really isn't that much difference between them.  She has collectors asking if we will continue to see the real Vanessa used on FR2 dolls in the future. The answer has not been revealed.

 I was too lazy to use an appropriate backdrop for this raven-haired doll and the other black-clad doll. I do not recommend using black in back of black in most cases.
I love the FR2 body and she's got killer shoes which, of course, can't be seen under the gown. The necklace is nice. She's got a cool ring. The earrings are ridiculous. Can you imagine a person wearing something like that?
I'm on the fence about the dress. The pattern-maker did not fit the bust properly and there's something off with the gown. The cups are empty because they do not 'hug' her body.  The overall picture is of a beautiful doll that is missing a WOW factor. It could be the hair. Imagine if she had hair styled like that of Fine Jewel Eugenia or styled in some other, more feminine, softer style.

I hope the ginormous eyebrows go away soon. They are getting so huge and close together the dolls are liable to have a unibrow soon.

This is Night Warrior Vanessa whom some say Evermore resembles.


  1. lol I had to laugh at the Frida Kahlo reference! She was proud of her uni-brow! chuckle I personally don't like the 'lines' inside the brow that seem to be on many of the dolls of late...but I feel the same way about some of the eye shadow...after all, we are told when we are applying make-up to blend blend blend!

  2. My personal & in-no-way-related-to-actual-knowledge opinion is that IT is slowly phasing out the tall bodies. They got so much Hell from the collectors when they switched body types last time, that they pretended to create a new line (FR2). I think that's why they made all the new scupts, so that they can be phased out with the old bodies, while the old sculpts are kept for the FR2 bodies.

    Signed: Marna who-can't-seem-to-sign-in-to-post

  3. @Marna: I love all these conspiracy theories. So much fun!

  4. It's an awesome post, great ideas about apparent and fr2 vanessa things...thank you for sharing these items here..:)

    Sophie The Giraffe

  5. Just received my Air Apparent Veronique from MFD. I don't know much about the "faux" kerfluffle but all I can say is what a stunningly beautiful doll and outfit!!! Worth every cent!!

  6. Christina Walewska11/6/11, 10:49 AM

    Again such beauty - they take my breath away!