Thirty-Nine Dolls!

A collector on one of the boards put this list of dolls together. Several weren't available to everyone as there were limits on centerpieces and workshop dolls.  One (#18) is the helper doll, a strawberry blonde version of the Eugenia giftset.

:  1) Mission Control Imogen
:  2) High Toned Rayna
:  3) Vivid Impact Agnes
:  4) Simply Simpatico Poppy/Darla
:  5) Brightness Calls Isha
:  6) Style Counsel Veronique or Adele
:  7) FR2 Most Wanted Elise
:  8) Business Class Anja
:  9) In The Air Poppy
: 10) Sunset Rave Color Infusion Ayumi 
: 11) Jet Set Eugenia Giftset
: 12) Air Apparent Veronique Souvenir doll
: 13) Bare Essentials Night (raven) Dania
: 14) Bare Essentials Day (blonde) Natalia
: 15) Backstage Ambition
: 16) City Girl
: 17) Faubourg Saint-Honore' Victoire Roux
: 18) Jet Set Eugenia Helper Doll Giftset
 :19) No Reservations Kyori: Centerpiece
: 20) Ready, Steady, Go Poppy Parker: Centerpiece
: 21) Psychedelic Splash Color Infusion Erin: Centerpiece
: 22) Exceptional Tatyana FR2: Centerpiece (W Club Luncheon)
: 23) Beyond the Still Monogram: Centerpiece
: 24) Jet Set Dynamite Girl Gavin brunette: side part ponytail
: 25) Jet Set Dynamite Girl Gavin/Jett redhead: side part
: 26) Jet Set Dynamite Girl Dani, raven
: 27) Jet Set Dynamite Girl Sooki, brunette
: 28) Jet Set Dynamite Girl Eltin, Blonde long: hair
: 29) Jet Set Dynamite Girl TJ, AA with full wavy hair
: 30) Jet Set Dynamite Girl Aria, blonde with bangs
: 31) Jet Set Dynamite Girl Sooki, platinum blonde long hair
: 32) Workshop Imogen
: 33) Workshop Poppy Parker
: 34) Workshop Auden (dark hair)
: 35) Workshop Korinne blonde
: 36) Workshop Korinne raven
: 37) Workshop Korinne redhead
: 38) Workshop Korinne brunette
: 39) Evermore Vanessa FR2 (W Club Luncheon)

Red=Optional Convention Collection
Green=Table Gifts from IT
Mauve=New Releases, New Line
Orange=Workshop Dolls
Turquoise=Dynamite Girls
Black=A Great Surprise
Mustard=Helper Doll


  1. Isn't it interesting when you compare this to a Gene convention ;-). The average Gene-con paled by comparison.

  2. @Anonymous: That's a strange comparison. Why would you even compare a Gene convention to this? Did you ever attend one? I attended one Gene convention, the last, and came home with a load of dolls and other stuff. We got a free doll at every meal and a giftset and a convention doll for the price of the convention. There were centerpieces, a convention collection, a great salesroom and loads of room sales.

  3. Even from thousand miles away I completelly felt the dolloverload from this years convention!!

    I wish the styling would be more glamour and chic and less mod, but still, there were plenty of fabulous dolls to pick from.

    I completely lost my mind. I'm having several dolls coming my way:
    Mission Control Imogen, High Toned Rayna, Style Counsel Veronique, Most Wanted Elise, Business Class Anja, nude Point of Departure Eugenia, Bare Essentials Dania, and Evermore Vanessa.

    I am still trying to gather the $$ to get the blonde Workshop Korinne aswell...

    Shame on me.

  4. @Ana...hahahahaha....You are nuts and that's why I love you.

  5. This is a huge list!!! And updating my FR reference pages is a nightmare this time!!! Happily a lot of collector friends are helping me (special thank to Mandy and to you Terri) I'm hunting to get all the official promo photos...

  6. On the one hand I love this, a complete list of the Convention extravaganza, it helped keep track of what I bought, want to obtain and need to sell. On the other hand its a frightening reminder of all the overspending, exactly how many I did buy and the fact that I still am not satisfied and want more! It was an amazing event, everyone should go once.

  7. @LBx: This is the first time the official promotional photos have not been released "on time." We're all waiting!

  8. Too many dolls. Quantity not quality....I'm talking about the designs not the construction of the garments.

    I had my collection delivered because I was flying and I regret it because it because had I seen them I would have only purchased one or two.

    Oh well. Looking forward to your reviews.

  9. Granted Terri they pulled out the stops at the last Gene con, but having attended EVERY Genecon hosted by IT, it was the exception. But I guess it shows the magnitude of the popularity of FR that they could put out a list of 39 items. Freebies were largely limited to outfits, accessory packs and knick-knacks, plus a baggie of something that hadn't sold ( e.g. Swim-Suited to a “T”).

  10. @Anonymous: Swim Suited was my first IT Gene doll and I loved her! She reminded me of my mother.
    I don't need to defend IT's Gene but I don't understand your point. Are you complaining about the way IT handled Gene?

  11. Terri - I thought Gene could rest in peace but as you ask: while fervently denied by Mel, a numnber of collectors (myself included) felt that Gene and IT were never a good match, with some bandying about phrases like "red-headed step-child" in describing IT's apparent attitude to Gene. The best things to come out of the IT years were advanced articulation, and great accessories. What seemed to be lost was a basic understanding of Gene's persona that wasn't re-discovered until the "Return to Hollywood" collection. The question to ask is why she ever left? She was first and foremost an actress. The greater popularity of FR as evidenced by the attendance at conventions obviously allowed greater leeway in what could be done. IT was not running a charity and financial limitations of lower attendance would have made some things prohibitive. Question: I once attended a convention with the entire Wu Crew in attendance. Every IT doll was on display - FR, Misaki, Monsier Z, even that first hideous Lana Turner. Every doll EXCEPT Gene. Why?

  12. Why did AD's production of Gene end? I think that's a good question to answer.

  13. AD's production of the dolls stopped, IMO, because their idea of a LE doll was 5,000. The Gene market was over-saturated for a few years.. Large name retailers ( brick and mortar stores) were left with enormous amounts of merchandise from years past. They had 2 choices: Either dump it at greatly reduced prices, or hold on to it and hope the Gene market recovered.

    Either choice was a lose- lose proposition in the doll ecomomy. AD KILLED THEIR GOLDEN DOLL. THE BEST OPPORTUNITY THEY EVER HAD!!!

    And I DO agree with whomever said that IT was NOT a good fit for Gene. I don't think it had to do with Mel Odom at all. I think it had to do with IT. I bought one IT Gene, and she wasn't Gene..
    Maybe if Mel had worked something out with Bob Tonner, who already sold 16 inch dolls en masse'.

    The loss of Gene is a huge one to many of us and always will be a sadness felt in our hearts. I WISH Gene could have been Mel's solo marketing and sales venture.

  14. Just received the Bare Essentials Day (blonde)Natalia and waiting for the Bare Essentials Night(raven)Dania from Joe Blitman.
    Very striking dolls!! Beyond Beautiful...