Review: Point of Departure Eugenia Giftset, Erin and Ayumi

The Point of Departure Eugenia Giftset has a few fine attributes. First of all it was included in the price of attending the convention. Segments were given to attendees at each meal function to fill the empty box given at registration. The last piece was the doll herself.

This is a beautifully screened Eugenia wearing a well-fitting 2 piece bathing suit in apricot. Matching plastic shoes, cute cats-eye sunglasses and a big straw hat complete her ensemble. I decided to pass this segment on to another collector as I already have several gorgeous Eugenias and I am being "good."
Another segment of the set is this yellow pants outfit. It consists of yellow capri pants with working pockets and tiny buttons at the hem. The sleeveless, cropped top has lovely white embroidery. I am keeping this.

Sadly, the shoes were not made properly and need to be rubber banded to stay on. This is the case with two other pair of the convention's plastic heels, including the blue ones seen in the last part of the giftset.

The white bodysuit fits like a dream; the skirt is a nightmare. First of all I think it would fit my Sybarite's big behind. It is poorly designed and doesn't work with the jacket which is also poorly fitting. There are too many things wrong with these blue pieces. They just could have given us a slim fitted skirt and it would have made a delightful suit but no...it had to have a little bow and balloon hips. Most women do not look good in stuff like this and neither do dolls. If Miami Glow Vanessa can't make it look good, no doll can.


Erin Salston and Ayumi Nakamura are now part of the Color Infusion line. (Formerly NuFace, formerly Model Behavior.) Erin was the centerpiece doll. Sunset Rave Ayumi was the table gift.

Erin as Psychedelic Splash is dressed in a totally sequin covered mini dress over fishnet tights. She is wearing very nice black suede-like boots which have blue ribbons and tiny zippers. She's got a bunch of bracelets and dangly earrings. The overall look is excellent. Construction is also very good except the problem is that she cannot put her arms down due to the bulk created by sequins and seams under her arms. Hello out there...is anyone listening? This happens often. Change your construction techniques. Would you wear clothes with so much underarm bulk that you could not put your arms down?

Ayumi is absolutely gorgeous as far as color goes. She really fits the description Color Infusion. Her facial screening, her skin tone, her hair color and the color of her garments work beautifully.  She's got wonderful underwear that matches her shoes. A nice touch. Her shoes need to be held on with rubber bands.
I adore her outfit - a minidress with a sequin-covered skirt, a barely there satiny top and a gold fabric belt.  It fits and looks great.

 Both dolls have "Barbie" hair. It comes in a big flattened frizzy-ended mass inside the hairnet. Their hair needs conditioning and possibly trimming and reperming.


  1. I don't think Erin and Ayumi are permanently a part of the Color Infusion line. That said I understand why Ayumi was considers Color Infusion because of her tan but Erin doesn't appear to be a different skin tone.

  2. Perhaps it is my so-so mood today, but FR and some other companies are taking a few of my favs and 'dollying' them up TOO Much...I am not a fan too cute faces.

    Loved the original Agnes and Erin...now they have lost their edginess and personality.

  3. Ayumi looks like a Vulcan to me, she needs a Star Trek uniform.

  4. haha Vulcan..it is interesting how everyone's personal taste and views are so different on a doll! I LOVE Ayumi... everything about her..wanted her right away and as she is not so popular I will be able to get her at an good price...I like Erin too, but not as much..I have several Erin's and she isn't a must for me, especially at secondary market prices...I love this line and will be adding more to my collection, so far 3/4 ain't bad!

  5. I think Ayumi was beaten with an ugly stick. Yikes!!