Tonner's Latest Release

A small selection of new dolls and fashions has been released today. These images are by Ernest Padro Campos as opposed to Tonner's usual photographer, Storm Photo. The last image of the Rose of Versailles looks like Storm's style.
Here goes:

Chilled $179.99 Dressed Doll; Antoinette Head Sculpt

Delightful $179.99 Dressed Doll; Antoinette Head Sculpt

2011 Cami Basic - Platinum $89.99  Basic Doll;  Cami Head Sculpt; Blue Inset Eyes

 Bridgehampton - Outfit Only $79.99 Fits Such Dolls as Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette™

White Christmas Collection 
Rosemary Clooney as Betty Haynes $199.99
16" Tyler Bending Wrist Body; Authorized Rosemary Clooney Portrait Sculpt

Judy Haynes $199.99 Judy Haynes Head Sculpt; 16" Tyler Bending Wrist Body

The Rose of Versailles - Outfit Only LE 100 $139.99 Fits 16" Tyler Bending Wrist Body

More news from TDC:
They are going to return to the older way of introducing their fashion doll lines (winter and summer) as a result of collector feedback. In addition Tonner Direct and Tonner Doll websites are being combined and redesigned. In November, we will be seeing the site which is now being beta tested.


  1. The images are beautiful...very nice to see.


  2. I wonder why Betty is Rosemary Clooney, but Judy is just Judy. Would the estate of Vera Ellen not allow them to use her likeness, or did they think that she was not as iconic in the role and did not justify them making a sculpt just for her?

  3. I preorder The Rose of Versailles , limited to 100 I was sure it was going to sale out quick and it did, I am unsure if I am going to keep it but, I sort of like the outfit for picture it'll make for a cute spring shoot, the rest are Meh....whomever is designing for the cami line needs to be fired, the hippie vive they give to their outfits is plain aweful, I thought it was supposed to be a hip young line instead is outdated and uncute!!

  4. I sort of wish Rose of Versailles was more of a light brocade (and larger edition size) than a print, but it is lovely. Not a big fan of Cami, But WILL get this platinum Cami. she is so atypical of dolls I like.

    Chilled? MADRA!!!! The outfit just screams Madra. Who would be a cold enough "witch" to wear this??? Yep. Her!!!

    Love the "White Christmas" Hayes sisters, just wish the fur were a little less cheap/ "play Barbie" looking. Will have to soften RC's hair.

    So who will get Christmas presents??? Me, of course!!!!

  5. @Steve: Chilled outfit appeals to me, too, but I controlled myself. The platinum Cami will really be popular. No curly hair!!!

  6. The Rose of Versailles is gorgeous - pity it was limited.

  7. Ordered the platinum Cami. Tonner finally made a pretty one without kinky hair.


  8. The Rose of Versailles was originally planned to be in a different color for an event that was cancelled. Apparently, they'd gone far enough in production to continue anyway.