What a Difference a Real Doll Makes

When Tonner released his promotional images of the latest two Theatre de la Mode dolls a few months ago, I criticized the one called Elegance #93 for the over-scaled flowers down the side of the dress. As time went by, I kept seeing her face and my 'want' grew. (You know that feeling, I'm sure.) I certainly was not going to pay the ridiculous $225. retail cost. When a favorite dealer offered them for less than half price, I jumped.

I was going to remove the flowers but I have come to like the whole package. This is a gorgeous doll! Besides the Gina sculpt, which is my current favorite Tonner sculpt, the hair, the colors, the styling...is all stunning and she makes a wonderful addition to my collection.

I still want to see a picture of the original TDLM fashion.

1 comment:

  1. Tonner should hire you to do their photography. She looks like a totally different doll here. The only think about this design that rubbed me wrong is the similarity between here and Royal #82 in the purple with the asymmetrical pleating.