JUNKYSPOT Freyr Cat Anthropomorph Boy Figures

Junkyspot is a business that sells Asian ball jointed dolls such as Obitsu, Hujoo, Bobobie, Pullip, Limhwa and more.  www.junkyspot.com/

Both of my Freyr cats have the boy body. He measures just a bit over 9 inches tall. The Freya's (note the difference in spelling) description explained the girl body had a different head cap and I read that it was difficult to work with.  I decided to get two boys, one grey and one white. At that time, if you purchased two cats, you got a smaller one for free. I'm still waiting for the special eyes I ordered for my little one although his faceup is already done. Stay tuned.
Here is the description from the website:

Includes: Head+Finished body
Includes: Optional Tail with Magnets
Made of ABS Plastics
Strung for articulation tension
Eyes are not included
Faceup not included
  • Head: Takes a 6.5-7" wig (would need to be modified to fit ears)
  • Height : 23cm
  • Eyes : 18mm (not included)
  • Girth of neck : 4cm
  • Girth of Chest : 10.5cm
  • width of shoulders : 5.5cm
  • Girth of Waist : 9cm
  • Girth of hips : 10.5cm
  • Foot Size: 3.5cm  
The Whole Family
I do have experience painting but not much with doing faceups. One workshop is all the training I ever had and I never did it again. My natural painting style is too "painterly" to do a classic faceup. I had to remove the work three times until I was somewhat pleased with it. I used pastels, water color pencils and acrylic paint. The lashes went on easily. The eyes were no problem to install.  The nightmare was reattaching the head. But once I did one, the other wasn't too difficult.

I'm planning to matte the bodies and blush them a bit but for now, this is it.  I like the gray one better than the white one.

 I've been told they can wear Blythe clothes. I've seen them in Barbie stuff. But I'm not planning on making them into fashionistas. This was a fun and inexpensive experiment.
The Minion is there to protect her modesty.


  1. They're awfully cute. You did a good job with their faces.

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  3. I try to resist...but this is your 2nd cat doll post recently.....