Cupid's Kisses Barbie Doll

A new Barbie Fan Club Exclusive becomes available for sale today. She is "Cupid's Kisses Barbie Doll."  This doll sports a true vintage body complete with holes in her feet! I'm wondering if the included stand makes use of the vintage feet.
 Here is the description from the BC site:
Gold Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 1/22/2014
Product Code: BCR06
No more than 5000 units produced worldwide.
Our festive hostess celebrates Cupid’s favorite day with timeless gifts: a heart-shaped box of “chocolates,” a bottle of “perfume” and a teeny tiny greeting card. Her dress has a red bodice, short white sleeves and a skirt flocked with a design of flying cupids, hearts and bows. Accessories include a golden heart necklace, earrings, pretty white gloves and a red hair bow.

Doll Details

Body Type:1959 Vintage (holes in the feet) - Vinyl
Skin Tone:Nostalgic
Facial Sculpt:Nostalgic Barbie
Fashion Sewn On?:

Included with doll:
Doll stand, shoes, golden heart necklace, earrings, white gloves, red hair bow, heart-shaped box of chocolate, perfume, and greeting card

 Price $75.

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