Kingdom Doll Announces Nelson's Sale Date

Subscribers to the "first to know list" received a newsletter regarding Nelson, the debut doll, with some long awaited news. She will go on sale on Friday 31st January at 18:00 GMT. On the east coast of the US, we are GMT - 5:00, which makes that 3:00 PM (EST) here in PA. 
Look it up.

Nelson is priced at $650. plus shipping. 

An excerpt from the letter:
Please take a moment to look at our store page (link displayed below) for more details about the doll and her outfit. Please also note, the images shown in the store gallery are of an actual production doll and outfit, not prototypes. A link to the terms and conditions of sale are also available on the store page, please do read them.

An excerpt from the website:

Our debut doll Nelson (using the Novantae head sculpt)

Nelson is a 16 inch resin fashion doll, with 22 points of articulation. Her resin, which is of the highest quality, is a classic "English Rose" which was exclusively created for Kingdom Doll. She has pale ice blue eyes and a soft make-up palette of peach, muted gold and grey. Her hair, a hard cap wig, has long soft waves of a variegated pale golden blonde.
Nelson is a dressed doll limited to just 60 pieces world wide. She features a faux leather jacket inspired by the Spencer jackets of the 1790's and a strapless empire line gown made from silk chiffon with beautiful gold braid trimmed bodice. Black calf length square toed boots with gold buckle accents, a pair tap shorts and hose complete the outfit.
A stand and a complimentary pair of pose hands are also included!


  1. I haven't been super keen on the first two revealed KD sculpts yet, but the clothing and aesthetics are wonderful :) Looking forward to seeing more from them.

  2. I live in the UK and I really love the sculpt (although eyes just a little off somehow), wig and outfit- just beautiful. But I feel she is just too expensive for a painted eye girl no matter how lovely. The price probably reflects on the low production no - 60 dolls only. Sigh.....

  3. I think maybe you read the time chart wrong? The dolls were on sale this morning at 10am PST, which means 1pm EST.
    They did manage to sell out in 60 seconds flat though! I think the eyes are a little too sultry for my taste, but the eyelashes, full body paint, and amazing outfit details more than make this a super epic doll. I think her price is in line with other 100% resin fashion dolls. I can't wait to see her in person!!!

    1. I'm glad I told people to look it up. My math or the chart was wrong. Probably my math.
      I'm lucky that I was able to get one. Can't wait!!!