Society Hound Collection - Greyhound Barbie

Just got this outfit the other day. I've wanted it for a long time. My doll is on a pivotal body which is smaller than the Barbie body the fashion was originally intended for. But it looks pretty cute. I love the dog! A doll with a dog is better than one without.

Unless the doll is in the dog's mouth.

That definitely doesn't work.


  1. That is adorable! :D

    Heh, I wasn't much into dolls when I was really little -- I liked ponies better -- but I did have a She-Ra doll, and she came to an untimely end in our dog's teeth. Her pink horse had to soldier on alone!

  2. this fashion is very beautyful Terry!....my dog used to favour books and my brother's action figures...... :D

  3. I had this outfit when I still collected 12" - Basics #9 and Speed Racer Trixie both wore it well. The quality is quite nice, although if I remember correctly the grey body suit was sewed on, so no closure.

    1. Yep, no closure but it doesn't matter under the coat.

  4. Having been a sighthound owner (2 whippets and 4 Italian Greyhounds) this doll was the first Mattel collector line that I bought and she is now on an articulated body and will stay in my collection, unlike most other Mattel dolls...I was lucky enough to have a friend give me her greyhound from this set so she now is like "Diana" the huntress with her two hounds!

  5. I would love to own that outfit, one of my friends has it and I'm always tempted to stole it!

  6. My Dobby likes socks, just like in "Harry Potter".