Who Needs New Dolls?

There's always one more temptation as I spend countless hours scouring the doll boards looking at sales and pictures and wanting the next great doll or the one that got away. While I'm doing this, all the (last) great dolls are hanging around in my doll room waiting for someone to play with them. I often wonder WTF I'm doing with all of these dolls. Well, today I followed my own advice and played with the dolls I already have.
First was Heart on My Sleeve, a Tonner reinterpreted Tin Man from Oz. She's been dressed in her adorable, original fashion since I got her. I thought she was so perfect.
She's even more perfect now dressed in the Theatre de la Mode Noir #99 gown sans shrug. This doll uses the Duchess head sculpt on the Antoinette body.
Quite the transformation, right?

I never paid much attention to Hearts Aflame after I got her because the collector that sold her to me under-described the defects on this doll's face. She's got part of an eyebrow sanded off and there are three tiny green spots happening. She has the Queen of Hearts head sculpt, Tyler body. (2006)
 But I needed a full busted Tonner doll to wear Forbidden Forest Winter Stroll and she was it. This is one of those fashions that I had when it first came out, sold it and then bought another one. It's truly one of Tonner's most magnificent creations.
Here it is on Elphaba for whom it was designed way back in 2005.
Going back through my own collection and comparing photographs is so interesting. It's a history of what I've been doing for the past 12 or so years.

Follow your own Yellow Brick Road right into your doll room. Step back from the computer and put that credit card away. Take out a doll and redress it in something wonderful and admire your 'newest' toy. One day at a time.


  1. "Step back from the computer and put that credit card away."

    You are hilarious. I often wonder why I have so many dolls. Lately I've been paying more attention to the dolls I have. Although I have been checking eBay for good deals, I haven't bought anything lately.

    1. Sometimes I have a wish list on my computer. When I'm browsing and I see something I want, I drag the picture to the wish list with the name and price. It's an action that is briefly satisfying and enables me to move on. Same thing on eBay with the "watch list." It works very nicely to collect things that way. It's free and can easily be deleted.

  2. I've also put my credit card away. I have dolls from the '90's languishing in their boxes!