You Can't Do This But You Can Do That or Else

Earlier today I received an email ordering me to remove 5 image captures of new Poppy Parker dolls which show the SAME EXACT DOLL THAT WE ARE ALLOWED TO POST ON BLOGS, FLICKR, ETC. I was threatened with possibly not being able to attend webinars in the future. I honestly was a bit shocked at the harshness of the email.  It's also funny (weird, sad, stupid) because tmy blog post in question about the Poppy dolls was a very positive post which urged people to hurry up and shop. This will not happen again. 

I was on the road when the email came in and I responded immediately that as soon as I get home, I would delete them. That's all I wrote. Their next email told me to hurry up! I am not kidding.

Yes. W Club members who signed up to see the webinar did have to sign a non-disclosure agreement which included filming the presentation or copying photos and showing them prior to a certain date. 
I waited until several other bloggers published these new pictures from the W Club site. This was also after dealers were permitted to open sales and had published pictures. These were the same exact pictures we saw during the webinar with one difference. Some of the pictures were combined into a montage as I show below. I made this picture from the allowed images. It is the same as the image seen during the webinar - I know because I captured it on my computer. God forbid I post it here to show you but if you email me, and I am not busy, I will send it so you can compare. My angle of the insert is a slight bit different. 

I had no idea I was doing something wrong because I know they read my blog and I don't cross the lines they've drawn in the sand regarding this stuff.

Send in the FR police. My publicity isn't the right type of publicity.

IT Promotional Images combined by me.

Me thinks it's time to stop with this company that watches me like a hawk. I think they would be very happy if I stopped buying their dolls and went away.

Maybe this post is breaking a rule, too. OMG.  I'll keep you all posted.

"Blog triumphantly," said a friend a few years ago.
If you are reading this, I will never forget that.


  1. That is really odd. I thought we are allowed to share the information outside the club starting on Monday. I saw several blogs have those poppy pictures. Sorry to hear what had happened.


    1. I too saw the photos from the webinar - not on this blog but ANOTHER blog. They are still up as of writing this, and the person is a regular blogger who also posted a link to their blog on one of the dollboards.
      It is obvious that Terri was not the only one who misunderstood the rules or was in violation of them. To me what this means is the rules/guidelines were not clearly communicated. Since there was a misunderstanding, it would be helpful to have Integrity read through and explain the rules at the next webinar so that it is crystal clear to all, what is allowed and what is not.

  2. Blog triumphantly, indeed! I'm sorry you have to go through this. What is the bottom line? You can't alter the images in any way? The pictures are up on other sites...so it must be a technicality. The bullseye must be Gold, eh? Keep up the good work. I know that your blog was the first place that I ever saw an IT doll and didn't know what the W Club was. I predominantly collect action figures, but have been drawn into the artistry and craftmanship of this line! Are there any other collectors who got hooked through this site, I wonder? Try to let it roll off your back b/c if you stop collecting...then what will you do with your money? Please, please don't start stamp or coin collecting... PLEASE! don

    1. Thanks for the chuckle, Don.

  3. I can understand the need to protect copyrights and product representation....that being said are they out of their minds.
    Other then the vendors' hype for each release, and their own hyperbole, they need all the good press they can get.
    Of course sometimes the reporting of those pesky ONGOING quality and production control issues must be a little embarrassing.....
    As always love the blog.

    Will C.

  4. Im really half giggling in disbelief and half squinting in... i dont know i just like to squint, but anyways, im just shocked by this, if i remember right, you were one of the last people to post since ive been seeing them pictures all over. of well, a much as i love them FR dolls, im with you on the breaks on buying them. in fact, i would jut sell them all. LOLs.

    Kisskiss Miss Terri, and do what you do still, its a big favor to all of us who follow you.


    1. Ah...what a relief selling them all would be. I'm tired of this Mattel mentality.

  5. I actually prefer your way of presenting the images so that you can see in one quick shot everything included.

    You not only didn't disrespect their imagery, you improved it. Maybe they're jealous.

    Your blog is where I have been learning about FR releases for the last several years... the ONLY place I've been learning about them... so... their callous attitude towards your **FREE** promoting of their product totally turns me off of this company.

  6. I love your blog. There is nothing wrong of your image presentation. I am totally disappointed about this company. hugs & support to you

  7. This situation is just ridiculous.

    There are print screens of the presentation on the forum.

    I bet there are print screens of the presentation out there in many emails.

    Sometimes members admit on the wclub forum, that they have non wclub members friends over, to watch the online event with them. Apparently the "IT police" doesn't read those messages.

    Sometimes members pre-order club dolls for friends that are non members, and sometimes they do so in a timeframe where only members are suppose to know about those dolls. And they say so on the forum.

    Maybe "IT police" needs more members for their taskforce =)

    Sometimes we do need to read about these silly things to be able to draw a smile in a hard day, so thank you IT, for the sillyness =)

  8. Ridiculous.They should be happy bloggers care enough to post their dolls.This isnt the latest super-secret stealth airplane getting leaked.Calm yer tatas IT.

  9. Gosh! Forget about serial killers and sodomites... the true criminals are the bloggers... mainly the ones who are not afraid to say what they really think. I love your blog, because of your creativity and "your beautiful mind". If they were so strict when producing this incredibly expensive and precious dolls as they are with the publicity photos,there were not an only quality issue (wich, in this range of price it´s a total shame). Keep on bloggin´, girl!

  10. I'm still scratching my head...the images are all over the internet - I don't get it !?!

  11. If it wasn't for your blog I wouldn't have bought half the IT dolls that I have. As a fairly new collector your work has greatly enhanced the collecting experience for me.I think some people/companies begin to think they are way more important than they actually are. Jason Wu is a big name of course, but I have yet to find anyone outside of the doll community that has even heard of IT and FR. Keep up the good work and don't let them discourage you.

  12. To Anonymous: I accept your challenge but you have to come out from behind your mask and identify yourself. No identity - no post. Bye.

  13. They should be grateful for the exposure you give them.

  14. I had to read like 3 times and I still don't get it... so we can post their promotional pics, but we cannot post screen captures of the presentation? that's just silly...and that's kind of Mattel's behavior.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that IT is not turning into Mattel...
    I don't know if it upset me or if I'm just shocked...


  15. I still can't figure out what you supposedly did wrong. Besides that, I think their email was very rude in tone and uncalled for. And like Sharon said, we're not talking about the latest in stealth technology. I too like the way you show the accessories next to the doll. I look forward to getting your blog posts in my email box several times a week - always brightens my day - so keep on doing your thing. You're great at it!

    Dolly hugs,

  16. I'm feeling all Mattely now. The little company that wasn't going to be like them, is acting like them. Sad. I'm interested in reading an email if you are still interested in sharing Ms. G.

    It's always interesting here at your Blog. I truly love the pictures and the information shared. :)

    1. Send me your email address. :-)

  17. They should be happy about the exposure you provide them. Even bad press is good press for a rinky dink little company like them, and I think they're a little ridiculous with these "restrictions". I've always been a fan of IT but looking at this from a neutral perspective, they're way out of line and it feels witch-hunty to me. Not cool.
    - an old friend :)