Integrity Toy's March 2013 Unveiling

The newest releases have hit the dealers sites.
Itt looks like the Poppy dolls are going to be the biggest success of the lot.
They are already sold out at several sites. Of course, the dealers who sell them at MSRP sell out first like Cherished Friends and MFD. I haven't checked the rest but if you want them, you'd better move on it.
I thought they were adorable. MSRP is $89.  Each doll is edition of 750.

Note: Images were removed as per the request of Integrity Toys.

The Fashion Royalty dolls are now called Fashion Royalty Classic. The price per doll has gone up $20., from $110. to $130.  Of the five FRC, not one spoke to me. I do not see the connection between the early FR and these dolls. Vaughan kept repeating that there was some type of connection. Possibly the only connection is that the clothes are not hideous.
None of the super-popular sculpts were used.
The first thing I thought when I saw Anja was that she is pregnant. Dania is nice. Kesenia still looks like a vampire. Korinne - meh. I would have liked a slim skirt with that lovely blouse. Jordan's outfit is lovely. I wish she wouldn't stand with her toes pointed inward. I know it's a FASHION THING but it's time for a different position.
Anja™ Dressed Doll
Kesenia™ Dressed Doll
Dania Zarr™ Dressed Doll

Jordan™ Dressed Doll

Korinne™ Dressed Doll


  1. wow.. Classics with No Classic faces. Are their stories interwoven? [Will there be Story Cards?] I'm wondering what does one do, if they don't like Poppy?

    1. LOL you said it Terri, although I do like Poppy and wanted ALL of them! :)

    2. Simon, I admit to pre-ordering all the Poppy dolls. Whether or not I keep them depends upon the $ situation and how they really look.

    3. Hehe well done you! I hope you like them! If I can find one anywhere I may cave and order Joyful in Japan. I just love that kimono and blone up do!

  2. Poppy is my favorite sculpt and I love both the small and the 16" gals. Last year I missed getting the new releases, so this year I jumped in right after the webinar and pre-ordered all 5. I know I'll be keeping them all. Has anyone else noticed a resemblance of the Bergdorf-Goodman sculpt to the older daughter on Modern Family? Rita in CA

  3. Hey Terri! I see you ordered all five Poppy dolls. You need to show some restraint. Like I do. I only pre-ordered 4! ;) Have a great night! don

  4. I have the Japan Poppy on pre order, & I'm trying to get an India one, so far, no luck. I'm sure I'll be able to get one eventually, but if not, I'm not going into a panic over it.


    1. No doll is worth panicking over.

  5. Pregnant Anja hahhhaahaha that was a good one, I couldn't care less for her, but I have to disagree about Kesenia, I think this is her best appearance so far. I think she has different skin tone and with raven hair and red lips she looks really strong and sexy, but I have to admit, I didn't notice her at first and ordered her the second day. Also, everyone is obsessed with Jordan, I don't see why, her hair looks strange on her skin tone, the combination of colors is a wierd one and those lips, here is the connection to the older collections you were looking for... On Korinne we see once more the same necklace we have seen at least ten times until now... and the screening of the doll looks too much like Easy Elegance Korinne, almost no difference... For the price mark up they could at least change the model of the jewelry... If you disregard the "updated" version of necklace from Monte Carlo Vanessa that we can see on Jordan and Dania, there is not a single new model of the jewelry.

    1. Thank you for your input. Please sign your name next time.