And Now the GOOD NEWS!

I just got this email:

Hi Terri,
We’ve decided to keep TheDollPage open indefinitely, a decision made mostly due to the amazing outpouring of sadness and support when we announced a June 1st closing last week.  We’ve received so many emails! Almost all of them are expressions of disbelief or disappointment or offers of help with money or moral support.  We haven’t had a chance to even read them all, much less respond, and we’re very sorry we’re so behind on that.  And now things are taking place at such a rapid rate, we’re afraid we won’t be able to answer everyone individually. Hopefully this public message will answer some of your questions.

Photo Albums 1 and 2 are operational and will remain open indefinitely. Current members of the albums are welcome to use the albums as they normally do.  You do not need to copy your images back to your PC anytime soon.  Our plan is to consolidate both albums into a single one and make some improvements, like setting up a system where you can copy all of your pictures back into your home computer anytime you’d like.

The Marketplace is open and operational and will also remain open indefinitely.  Unfortunately, the Marketplace was the target of a recent hacker who wiped out most of the pictures the store owners had uploaded. Improvements to that site are also planned.

The Show & Sell site is up and running pretty well and will also remain open indefinitely.  It will be the subject of many changes, including improvements to the recent new member nomination system.

The Dollchat site is up and will also remain open indefinitely.

The albums and Marketplace are not accepting new memberships for the short-term future.  New members are still being accepted at the Show & Sell site using the current new member nomination system announced a few weeks ago via newsletter and also posted on the site discussion forum.

We have a plan to bring TheDollPage up to technical standards with professional help and we hope to post more information over the next few weeks.  As always, please feel free to respond publicly or privately with any questions, comments or suggestions and we'll try our best to get back to you.

Thanks so very much to everyone for all the love and support you have given both of us recently and over the years!  It's truly appreciated!

Steve and Rae


  1. That is great news!! They are truly wonderful and generous people!! Rita in CA

  2. Yay this makes me very happy!

  3. Great News. Could they please put up a PayPal button for donations? It would be an easy and safe way to support them. I certainly would.

  4. Thank you for printing this. Many of us are willing to help. Thank you, for all the doll collectors/ sellers on the net.

  5. These really were fantastic news... I felt like someone had pull the rug from under my feet when I saw the site closed, last weekend. I know many collectors felt the exact same way!!