TWO Proxy Spots Available for Tonner IDEX Events

My husband and I will be attending IDEX and will attend one or both Tonner events for you. You will get the event doll mailed to you afterward. You pay the cost of the event up front and then the cost of shipping once it is determined how much that is.


2013 Tonner Doll Breakfast Event at IDEX 

Sunday, April 14, 2013  8-10am
Join Robert Tonner and company for a Breakfast of Champions! See the new line up close over eggs and toast, and rub elbows with fellow doll lovers and Robert Tonner himself. Your event fee will include breakfast, a presentation by Robert Tonner, and for the first time ever, get YOUR CHOICE of souvenir at the IDEX Breakfast of Champions!  You’ll use Tonner Bucks that will be provided to you to “shop” for your choice of souvenir at the event.  Choose from the following 5 amazing selections:
 Basic Houston + Cape Town Fashion Pack
Color Block Astor
Taxi! Billy
Golden Swirl Deluxe Astor
Maudlynne Macabre

Here at Tonner, we give you the freedom to choose!  Exercise your rights and come to the Tonner Breakfast of Champions - You won't want to miss it! 

$50 per person. You get your choice of listed dolls. (No bacon, no eggs, no jelly.)




2013 Wilde Imagination Afternoon Tea

Friday, April 12, 1pm
You're Invited!  It's an afternoon of tea and ennui with Wilde Imagination! A light dessert, a unique program, and just a hint of boredom and woe will greet you at this always fun event. Featuring a special program by Robert Tonner and Debra DeForte of Wilde Imagination, a fun table gift, and a special Lizette for each attendee.

$159.  per person. You will get the special event Lizette. (No whipped cream or woe.)

Pre-payment for the event is required. There is only 1 week to go. 
Postage will be extra and determined after the event. I will need your phone number to get that information to you at the shipping desk.
Paypal will be the method of payment.

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