Tonner's Antoinette and Her New Gown

I was very lucky to be able to get the fashion from the doll called Sweeping Antoinette.

It is perfect for my redhead Simplicity Antoinette.

I'd like to get back to concentrating on one doll at a time. It may take the rest of my life, though.
The issue with these big manufacturer releases and pre-ordering is that one gets too many dolls at one time. That's no way to appreciate the beauty of a single doll wearing different fashions. I have dolls that have never had time in front of a good camera. I currently have 11 or 12 dolls (I'm not even sure.) on pre-order.
It's ridiculous and it keeps happening. I think the companies count on the fact that we lose track of what we're ordering because of the time gap.
I am going to do what I did 3 years ago. I'll print out a sheet with the doll pictures and all related info. When I feel the need to order more, I can look at what is coming. Maybe that will work.

I want, want, want. I'm a sad case.

I want this outfit from Fanciful Antoinette. Sigh.

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  1. Sweepping Anto is a GOrgeous Doll and her outfit is the best RT has done in several years....I have it and ADORE it
    the other one, fanciful is notb a dressed doll, just an outfit I think very limited ( 150 or so) I hope you find it..I have it on Preorder and can't wait until it is out.,
    re Preordering and buying slow, and enjoying what a girl a time, I am doing that with my numina, no more thna 1 doll at a time and she gets at least 3 month of exclusivity,....they are expensive enough that even if I wanted more than one I couldn't possible do it.