The Barbie That's Staying

Deboxed vinyl Barbie dolls don't last long in my collection. Right now there are three. My favorite is this Tarina doll.

Besides being adorable and having a really neat pink head of hair, she now has an articulated body which is essential IMO.  She can wear Poppy Parker, Silkstone, NuFace and Misaki clothes. It doesn't get better.
She was released by Mattel on 6/1/08 at a retail price of $79.95. She did go on sale at BC.Com for $30. at one point. It's rare to find an NRFB for much less than $90.

All that aside, she's a cutie. Here she is dressed in an Integrity Toys Sabrina outfit made to fit the Poppy Parker body.

The camera has a hard time dealing with the intensity of the hair color. Or is it the photographer?


  1. I have this girl too, and she is absolutely lovely :) I haven't moved her to an articulated body yet, though, because of her ring, LOL.

    1. If you remove the ring carefully, you can re-use it - either make a hole in the new hand with a fine jewelers drill or clip off the prong and glue it on. Nothing goes to waste!

  2. I'm jealous! I want her sice she came from Mattel!
    Maybe someday... ;)

  3. Wow. She is really great! Don't you love reconnecting with dolls? I have been doing that lately. I Reconnected with them. Photographed them, then I sold them. LOL