New and Old

"Live together in perfect harmony."

Talc in a wig by Cheryl Wood, dressed in Picnic Magnet lounges on her new chaise.
She's got such a bored look on her face.

Remember this beauty?

Fierce Subject Kyori is now on her third body having been switched recently to a FR2 Elise body. She is wearing most of Agnes' Silver Zinger fashion. The shoes are from the new FR shoe pack. They fit the FR2 foot perfectly.

The jewelry was handmade by a designer in Great Britain and the handbag is one of four from a very early fashion called La Petite Robe Noire. This set came with one black sheath, four handbags, four pairs of shoes and a chiffon scarf. It (probably) came with rhinestone studs, a bracelet and sunglasses. Fashion Royalty sets were amazing in the "olden" days. Nothing was missing or skimped on. Retail price in 2004 was $38.99.

 Kyori has a timeless sculpt and I certainly hope it's never changed. Like Vanessa and Veronique, there will never be a better Kyori.



  1. Hi Terri,

    I thought I posted about your Talc photo, but I guess I didn't put it through..

    Beautiful photos of her. You captured her mood so well!