If you blinked, you missed it.

Quick as a wink, two new Sybarites were posted on the Superfrock.com site and were sold. Gone. I never even got to see good pictures of them. There are four dolls in this wave - two are evil and two are good. The two that disappeared this morning are DeHood and Heroette.

I just know that in a few days I will see one or both of them offered for twice the price with the lame excuse that the poor buyer just got some car repair bills, needs a new roof and can't keep the doll. I'd like to see them just come out and say that they beat out the other speculators. Just sell it and quit the lies.

Images from the site.

A friend was able to capture these images and graciously sent them to me.


  1. I agree, I HATE it when people buy these sybs only to turn and make a huge profit for themselves and have no other reason for buying them other to rip off some poor soul who'll pay those crazy prices.

  2. I don't care if people make money off dolls. I don't like the lies and bullshit excuses for selling. If someone wants to pay $1300 for a $650 doll, more power to them.

  3. Hello Terri,

    Thank you very much for posting these pictures.

    I didn't make it to the superfrock page in good time either.

    Their selling policy is at least good for my purse.


  4. I really wanted DeHood, but also missed out.
    I agree with Petra-the upside is I saved some money, as I do not plan on pursuing the doll on the secondary market for twice the price.

  5. Do unto others as you would do to you?

    My name is Thom Barbieincharge is my Handle name and I live in Oklahoma.

    I am guilty of pricing Masque too high and actually felt guilty because of it I have gone from 1400.00 to 999.00 with shipping. Selling her today will be the first time selling a Sybarite MINT 100% purchased LE 50 Sybarite doll It was my birthday Halloween and I never thought I would get one, but I did.

    She is gorgeous but prior to her purchase I had to sell Play. Getting Play was my PFDF first fully blind purchased doll. After selling her ensemble' earlier, the price asked for her nude was 525.00 plus shipping. She sold both parties were happy.

    I loved her but she just blended in with my other 6 girls. My hope was to use this money to buy my Holy Grail doll a Sybarite like or similar to Peep,Coal, or Sno Baby. Pale skin and dark eye shadow face up. Terri you know what I mean I have read your blog and your comments about Vanessa we all have our favorites.

    Collecting for just about a Year now I have seen just about every price under the sun.

    I have no car repair bills, or reason to lie. My price point was because I couldn't get a trade for a Gothica so at the time one Gothica was available for 1400.00. So this is my reason for pricing her so high.

    Have you seen the FR or Monogram dolls and how high they go for on the secondary market. At least you are admitting too Terri you charge extra. This is not just a Sybarite thing this is a Doll Thing.

    Why judge others or make those feel bad for charging or buying dolls? I respect your honesty and candor Terri but to call those who charge higher liars is wrong.

    Those who are able to sell their dolls to individuals who obviously have a disposable income don't care. I use to be one of those individuals. Today I am on the other side of the coin.

    I mean really dropping 4,000 down for Realm a few weeks ago is not hurting the buyer who loves the doll so much is willing to pay for it. Good for the seller as this is good business. There have been times my purchases felt as if I was taken advantage of but I am a grownup and if I don't want something I won't buy it.

    There I have said my peace like you asked. Now lets see if your call to action brings others forward even though there is no reason why they should.

  6. I agree with you 100%
    When I'm on the boards & read these "reasons" for selling, I have to laugh!

    Always a problem, however you had the time & $ to buy the doll


  7. @Thom NCharge: Apparently you missed the point I was trying to make.

  8. What I found funny about eBay sales, before they decided to keep the bidders names private, was how many of them had the very sob stories you are describing.

    For example: I was interested in buying Kenner Darci dolls, which were made from about 1978-1983. One of the sellers charging the highest prices had a very sick dog, and she needed to sell the dolls to pay the vet bills.

    I was sympathetic, until I saw that this same seller was beating me in every OTHER auction I attempted, for dolls that were selling at a lower price, then selling those dolls she had bought at lower prices, under the same "sob story" about selling the dolls to pay for her dog's vet bills.

    I resisted the urge to send her a message, that read, "Gee, your dog's vet bills would get paid a lot faster, if you weren't buying so many dolls with the proceeds from your sales."

    However, you do have to admit, if someone sold a quickly sold out, much-coveted doll at double or more the price, "Because I'm a greedy so and so," in the description probably would not get many customers.

    Honesty doesn't seem to work in politics, and it probably wouldn't work on the secondary market, either.

  9. @miladyblue: I agree with you, it wouldn't come across very well. That's why I say just sell it and don't give excuses or reasons. No one cares. At least I don't care why someone is selling something. There is someone who never has money for rent and the minute she gets something turns around and sells it for an extraordinary markup - seriously, I wouldn't have the nerve to mark up my stuff that high. There's always an excuse accompanying the sale. But she's always buying this and that and the other thing. Sigh.

  10. Love the photos! Your newest follower :)

  11. I personally list a doll at what I paid for it, and if the market dictates.. and bidding goes up... then I make a small profit. If not I don't lose out. I don't agree with buying purely to sell for profit, surely that's not what doll collecting is about. I tried to get Dehood, and failed and am waiting a refund. I'm very disappointed but not surprised and I won't be purchasing on the secondary market at a huge mark-up.

  12. Hello again!

    In my opinion, there's some kind of greed on both sides, on the collector's as well as on the seller's.

    To most collectors' great misfortune(s), this kind of greed is not monetary in itself, but is founded on the often insurmountable urge to own.

    Which, of course, if you want to own at all price, becomes very monetary very soon.

    I have to restrain myself so very often. By the way, when you take into account that the Sybarites are being made in China, I deem their original selling prices to be quite exaggerated as well. But there's this addiction...

    Nevertheless I am not willing to double-overpay (Hello Nan!).

    Best thing, naturally, would be to make a bargain. So I am a greedy person, too.

    It's so nice when greeds collide, and ebay is the perfect place for this.

    Wouldn't it just be wonderful to see "greedybxxxxxd234" trying to come to terms with "supermiser56"? Instead of "sweetmouse17" selling to "honeypie23"?

    Well then, Buddha says that all desire causes pain. Maybe I should become a convertite. And then instantaneously begin to collect devotionals.


  13. @Petra: Well put, Petra. Some people collect old newspapers. Resistance is futile.

  14. Hello Terri
    Do you happen to know what sort of time of day the dolls tend to be posted on the Superdoll website (not sure where you are based)? I am in the UK, and I can check the site on at ten minute intervals from 8am in the morning until midnight, but I never see any of the new dolls for sale. I wondered if they are put on to coincide with EST as the American market is the strongest for Sybarites.


  15. Hello Helen,

    Even though I'm not Terry I'd like to write a bit about my buying experiences with Superfrock:

    I live in Germany and apart from the 1 hour difference to GMT there's nothing which should keep me from having a look at Superfrock's at the right time except for their sales policy.

    Sometimes they put their dolls on offer at 12.30 GMT, sometimes at 16.30 GMT, sometimes in the evening. Sometimes sales start at 10.30 GMT.

    I suppose this is meant to be the fun factor in order to make the offer even more interesting: "Oh, I am one of the few who were able to grab one just at the right time".

    Consequently there are no rules the buyer could adhere to.

    Anyway it's a nice offer from your side to check the site at ten minute intervals from morning till night (even if it's not meant for me).

    I have been sitting in front of my computer doing so for maybe 1 to 2 hours and I thought by myself I must be brain amputated to fall for such crap. I'll not do that again.

    There'll always be another doll I'll have to have and another and another, so missing out on
    some might even be called luck.


  16. Heroette is really lovely. I don't even see her on the secondary market.

  17. I agree with Terri in that the excuses are what turn me off. Just own it. I sell too in order to support the habit when I need to weed things out and whittle my collection down. Sometimes I make good money sometimes I don't, it really is what people are willing to pay. I figure it all probably balances out in the long run. I look at how some sellers intentionally buy something they know will be hot and that they have no interest whatsoever in keeping just to take advantage of a person missing out on a doll and I just think that kind of sucks. When I sell something I've owned for a while you have to take into account I've probably been paying interest on my credit card for said doll AND the fees have gotten so high on eBay and PayPal you have to charge enough to recoup your costs. I see both sides of the coin, eBay has been a double edged sword that is for sure. =/ I'll quit rambling now!