Knave of Hearts and FR Kyori Redressed

The registration doll, Knave of Hearts, is turning out to be one of the most beautiful dolls I've gotten recently. Here she is dressed in Gene Marshall's Candied Lavender fashion. Who wears it better?
It doesn't fit perfectly. Gene's waist is smaller and her chest is larger so the zipper does not go up past the lower back. The style suits her though.
Background image by Michael Williams. Used by Permission.

I'm not thrilled with these pictures.
I've just set up a new laptop and monitor and along with that I'm using a new version of Photoshop which is several years advanced from my last version. I will have to do the tutorials because I have no idea what I can do...or should do to improve my workflow and all those good things I used to do previously. It's very fast and way more complicated. Should be fun. Not.

Talc got a few new outfits recently and was just hanging around in her showcase wondering why I wasn't taking pictures of her. I don't have time, that's why!

Finally, my favorite hybrid OOAK Kyori was redressed in a combination of FR fashions. I'll let you figure out where they came from.  In fact, if you do guess the source of all of her clothing and accessories, I will send you a gift.


  1. Wonderful photos! I love your outfit and shoes on Talc. Would you mind sharing where you purchased them?
    I have a pink-flocked Talc, and with her big behind, I am finding it a challenge to find clothing that will fit. My usual 16" Gene-type clothing will not fit. TIA!

  2. @Nan: Talc is wearing a Superfrock outfit which I got on their website.


  3. I will give it a shot with Kypri's outfit:

    Mini dress: FR Life on the runway
    Belt: FR Eugenia pencil me in
    Shoes: FR Mission Control Imogen

    And I'll guess the skirt and bag are la boutique :)

  4. @Nina: You are close but wrong on one item and you did not identify the earrings. Hint: the belt is dark green.

  5. The belt is from Black as Night GS and I really don't know about the earrings...

  6. I think the Kyori's earrings are "Vibrant Dimension", maybe...

    Christie H.

  7. @Jimmy Boy is correct on the belt.
    @Christie is not correct on the earrings.

  8. I think I got it. Intoxicating Mix Vanessa ?!

  9. No on the IM Vanessa. Go back further.

  10. Mmm... Via Venetto Adele ? It's my last try. :)

  11. Yay, Jimmy Boy! Via Venetto Adele was my first Fashion Royalty doll and I am surprised that these earrings lasted so long. They are among my favorite doll earrings.

    Thanks to all who participated in this quest to name the all the items.

  12. Right, how could I forget about the earrings? ;) I really like doll earrings but my first guess would have been Vibrant dimension, too. Now that I see the picture on my laptop instead of the iPhone I can alsos ee that the belt is green. It looks really good but I could never have identified it! ;)

  13. @Nina
    You did great. Thanks so much for participating.