Knave of Hearts - Again

This doll looks adorable in everything I put on her. She's definitely a favorite. Her outfit is a mixture of Antoinette items. The two red dogs are hand felted items.

Playing with her every day for the past 4 days reminds me of when I started collecting. I would get one doll at a time and take time to really play and change outfits and photograph. I have so many dolls now that practically never see the light of day and I'm not talking about the ones in boxes. I'm complaining?
Ridiculous, isn't it?

I used to wonder at collectors that had dolls in boxes because I deboxed everything. Not anymore. Not because I don't want to but because I don't have anywhere to put them. I'm hoping that by the time we move and I set up a new doll room, I still like what's in the boxes. I'm thinking about selling part of what's boxed.


  1. Love her, the doggies, and this photo.

    Hope once you have moved and set up your doll room, you will enjoy deboxing some of those new dolls. It wlll seem as though they are 'brand new' again!


  2. Your enabling posts of this doll are making me forget I don't like the Antoinette body's arms! I've seen Gene heads on Antoinette bodies, I wonder if it can go the other way, too. She'd be so cute in Gene's 50s wear, or lingerie.

  3. So is Neve her name then? Since it's in the filename :)
    I know that you might not exactly appreciate me commenting here, but I wanted to say that your pics really are tempting. Knave is the second (semi expensive) doll that I've bought solely because your photos made me fall in love with her.

  4. @Alrunia: Yes, I've named her Neve. I appreciate all of your comments! I'm glad you are getting her. You won't be disappointed.

  5. Terri, I fell for her as soon as I saw her at my place setting!! I've been wanting a Cami for quite a while, just could not make up my mind. She is exactly what I've been waiting for. Your picture is yet another example of how lovely she is! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I know she must be one of your faves, as she get the honor of holding mini Rudy!
    Your photos have really brought out her potential.

  7. You're enabling me, Ms. Gold!!! Stop it. Stop it right now!

    Frankly, in this guise, Neve/ Knave would make a GREAT replacement for the post-Gene era for collectors. Not the same, but.......

    She is lovely.

  8. @Steve: Hey You! You're pretty good at the enabling yourself. I took lessons from the masters.