Hypnosis New FICON Doll

Dollchic exclusive from Ficon. 
Resin bjd.
Available for preorder now for mid-November delivery. Price $695. julia@dollchic.com


  1. Her facial sculpt reminds me of another doll's. I just can't remember which doll company.


  2. I tried to find "dollchic.com" as per Ficondoll's website.... Couldn't find it. Do you know the doll's size? I have the original email Ficondoll sent out, and I looked at the website???

  3. @dollutional: I'm pretty sure she's at least 16"

  4. Is it Me?
    Do I "see" a Monogram face?


  5. The photos resemble a Monogram but in reality they are so different. The face sculpt is very beautiful. I have a Spa Basic and she has a "cover girl" face that the camera loves even without a wig, beautiful nose, cheekbones and lips. Unlike some 16" fashion dolls, these new Ficons have a head size that is in proportion with its body. Its near perfect stringing makes it a joy to play with and not kicky at all.


  6. @PDA: That is very good to hear. The posing is extremely important to me. I've sold many a BJD because of less than stellar articulation.

    Is that you, Petra?

  7. Hi all,
    As far as I'm aware this doll is a Dollchic exclusive; dollchic.com is an online doll store owned by Julia Klimova, a doll collector and a very nice lady from Moscow. Their site is being finished now. Hypnosis (along with being really beautiful) is the very first 'Russian' exclusive.
    I'm planning to order one as a New Year present for myself. Sure she's worth the price. Ficon dolls have great quality and poseability; besides I love the quality of their outfits and shoes (have some for my sybarite).
    Julia aka julysunny =)

  8. I know exactly what you mean Terri. My first BJD is from Souldoll and It was very frustrating just to make him sit properly. My Dollmores were only slightly better. Even my first edition JS Angelica was and still is very Kicky even after i tried a hundred times to stretch it. but the St Tropez and White Swan dolls are great. You should get at least one Ficon and we will all look forward to read your honest reviews and of course enjoy your photos.

    PDA (Phil)