Fun Photoshoot

I had lots of fun taking pictures today. In the back of my mind I kept hearing "Believe in the power of play." I believe it.
First - my Portuguese shipping buddy bought two new Vanessas. Delivered here first, they had to be photographed with their twins.
Ignore the stand in the first picture. These dolls have such wobbly bodies and I was lazy. After all, it was play, not work. My Miami Shine is wearing one of Eugenia's 2011 convention gift set outfits. Her shoes and handbag are La Boutique POM. My Obisidian is wearing a dress made by SL Doll Fashions and her bag and shoes are also La Boutique POM. I never liked Obsidian's original outfit with the chest-baring jacket but I still love both dolls. They are beautiful.

When the Dolls in Oz Monogram exclusive doll was released, I did not buy her. Ultimately I did get the doll but it wasn't until the other day that I got the ensemble. I hated the oversized bow so I removed it and stuck it on Dreamscape's head. I'm thinking of attaching a little tulle to create a hat. I like the outfit much better now. I do not have a single doll outfit in this shocking pink color. The fabric is lush and the cape is enormous. I'm glad I waited until one came along at a good price.

Last but not least, I played with the Queen of Hearts and the most recent Theatre de la Mode doll. Both are wearing Antoinette fashions. The silver crown is a Franklin Mint item. The rest of the jewelry is from varied sources.
I have decided that they are sisters. I rarely give my dolls specific personae but these dolls have great sculpts with strong personalities. They both have wonderful high cheekbones and are fantastic to photograph. I am so happy that I got this centerpiece, not just for the doll which anyone could have purchased but also because I got the throne. It's a wonderful prop.


  1. Loved seeing the Vanessas together! :) Funny, I love the oversized Obsidian Society necklace ^_^ My first Miami Glow also had floppy body...I guess it is common in that doll :( I wish they were a match to the FR2 Dominique body *sigh*

    I too bought that Magnetism gown a while back... I haven't put it on any doll yet though, I think I might let Victoire dress it very soon!

    As for the Tonner dolls, I think you nailed it... They *have* to be sisters!!

  2. Oh, I love the twin shots! The question is, which one is the evil twin?

    The bow as hat - now THAT is a cool idea! Looking forward to any test shots with the tulle for a different look. May I also suggest some lace for a long veil down the back, too? Kind of like the headdresses you see in Tudor fashions.

    LOL, I also love the last pic - kind of a takeoff of the famous scene from Hamlet, "Alas, poor Yorick. I KNOW you did it, Queen Horatio!"