It gets so that I just have to get away from the computer. There are so many dolls I want.

First of all there are the dolls and things people are selling on the Show & Sell pages.  I tell myself that these are good prices and that I should get them because they won't come around again...especially the original Vanessa and Veronique Fashion Royalty dolls and some other older FR dolls.  I'm not the type to buy multiples of an  exact doll but now, with Vanessa gone, a few duplicates have joined the tribe.

On those pages, too, people are selling FR2 bodies for insanely high prices.  I remember when the tall (version 3) bodies arrived on the scene and there was a mad rush to get one for every single doll I had. Crazy.

I have a few things on my favorites list like a custom made Joe Tai dress and an adorable Evangeline dress by A.R.O.

Then there's the new Horseman furniture being sold by many dealers. Sigh. It's all so beautiful. I already have the two French chairs in the sage pattern below so I ought to get the matching chaise, right? Although scaled for 1/4 (16 inch) dolls, these chaises can be successfully used with 1/6 scale dolls. You can put 2 or 3 dolls in a shot with a chaise and it will look great.

One of the problems is that I collect too many different types of dolls, from the giant Cissy dolls down to the tiny Puki Puki girls, vinyl and resin, wigged and rooted, Tonner, Integrity, Madame Alexander, Mattel. I love them all. Every now and then I wonder if I could just get rid of those taller than 12 inches but when I look at them I think they are so beautiful that I can't do it. 
With the anticipation of a move in the next few months, I have begun to leave most new acquisitions boxed. That is something very new for me as I am a serious deboxer.
I have received several new OOAK outfits and haven't even had time to photograph them.

My focus has to change if I am ever going to move. This is tough! There will be less blog posts and less pictures but I hope to be able to keep up with what's happening. I did just order the Mattel Barbie Klimt doll and just got the DVD "Klimt" from Netflix to watch. We'll have a multi-media event here.  ;-)

While on vacation/house hunting last week, we visited the Byers' Choice headquarters in Chalfont, PA. It was excellent. While I don't consider their product to be dolls, they have hundreds of dioramas that can tickle the fancy of any doll collector. I did not leave there empty-handed (heavens forbid) either. I got a door and a horse.
The door is much nicer in person. I was able to remove the wreath which was hot glued onto the door. My door is painted light grey with an ivory frame.  This picture is from their website and the color rendition is very bad.  The scale is perfect for 12 inch dolls.  It's about 19 inches tall. Props, my dears, are very important to a photographer and doll collector as you all know.

I was able to iPhone a shot of a DG doll (who didn't even take the time to be dressed) riding the leather Byers' horse. It was over 90°F that day.
When I get around to processing the many Byers photos I shot, they will be posted. Now I have to go stage a room.

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  1. I suffer the same "want it, need it" problem; I keep telling myself to enjoy the pictures of other people's dolls--I don't have to own them all!