Using Fill Flash and Mattel's Gustave Klimt Barbie Doll

I love the Klimt doll! She's very pretty, the clothing is removable, her hair is cute and her arms and wrists are articulated. Unfortunately from the waist down she has no articulation and instead they opted to give us the "pose." Also, I practically slit my wrists getting her out of her box and removing all the sharp shards of clear vinyl holding her down and stuck in her head. The best price outside of using a BC.Com coupon that I could find was at shoprockcandy.com for $34.95. Of course I had to pay New York state tax but by comparison, it was the lowest price for me after the shipping ($5.95) and tax ($3.58) was added.

This doll deserves some real studio time but I took some point & shoot pics of her outside yesterday. It was a bright, sunny day as you can see. I put her on a portion of my deck railing where there is bright shade. 

Compare these identical pictures.
Flash turned off
Flash turned on
They're identical in that I did not move the doll. All I did was turn the flash on. Using flash when your background is very bright is an important technique to pick out details. Most people use an evaluative exposure setting to determine how light or dark their photo will be. I'm not going to get into that technical discussion but no matter what your exposure setting, the use of fill flash will brighten your subject, bring out the details and make it stand out against a bright background. Do not be afraid of the flash!


  1. Wow, she looks great !

    If only Canada Post were not in lockout, I would've bought a lot of new Barbie dolls. The new articulated Barbie Basics and Grace Kelly. I guess I'll have to wait... :(

  2. @JimmyBoy: That is such a terrible thing for a collector! I think I'd go into hibernation. At least you can be sure she will not be sold out as she's a Pink Label doll. Hopefully your PM will work out the mail system's issues soon.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Horrible for our Canadian doll lovers. What a pickle! Love the new Barbie and your photos tips are right on.

  4. "The pose" meaning she has the slightly twisted torso and posed legs of standard Model Muse bodies, or are they the straight legs that some of the newer Barbie Basics had?
    Your photos made me want that doll. Her face reminds me of Antoinette plus open mouth.

  5. @Alrunia: I was referring to the Model Muse body that won't go away.