SALE ALERT! Fashion Doll Agency (FDA)

This may be a first for this doll designer. At least it's the first sale of theirs I've seen. They are selling off early outfits and combination outfits and shoe/accessory packs at very reasonable prices.

FDA Photo of Pola wearing "Laine Lezard" $50 with Free Shipping
Since discovering that someone out there in the world (other than FDA) makes cute outfits for these emaciated dolls at a decent price I have decided to keep Marcella.
Of course she needed MORE clothes. 

Click on the logo below to go to the sales pages.


  1. Hi Terri, I have been looking at these dolls for some time..and was wondering what you think of them? I realize that opinions are subjective, but you are so honest about your observations that I thought I would ask you! I saw this sale posted on the doll boards and it has peeked my interest about FDA dolls once again.

  2. That was great news.. I love discounted items because it has same quality but you can buy it in lower price. Thanks for heading up.. :)

  3. You know... at some point, the length of the legs on these things just becomes ridiculous. If you could stop at the knee and be reasonably proportioned, you have _gone too far!_ ;)

  4. @Anonymous #1:
    Check out my previous posts on these dolls by entering FDA in the "Search This Blog" box that you will find in the right hand column near the bottom of the page.
    Thanks for your interest.

  5. Hi Terri;
    I think these dolls are wonderful but where can I buy one in the U.S.A.? I have found the French web site but there must be an easier way than sending from France. Thanks,

  6. @Londonlizzy: Only available from FDA unless you find one on eBay.