Couture Doll Design Challenge III Winner, Huckleberry Jackson

Faced with plenty of stiff competition by contestants in the US, Canada, Poland, Philippines, Russia and the Ukraine, the only entrant from Germany, Huckleberry Jackson,  swept several of the challenges completely. He is one seriously talented designer!

The final overall scores are presented in this chart:

  It is apparent that Jackson's muse is the FR2 doll as most of his entries used these dolls as models. 

Congratulations to Huck on this achievement.  

Watch this excellent video by Huckleberry featuring music from Star Wars and his doll fashions:


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  1. Wonderfully inventive clothes, although the mouth coverings sort of creep me out. Certainly not D-U-L-L!!!!

  2. @Steve: That aspect reminded me of the Sybarite gas masks. Nuclear winter.

  3. I love HJ Couture, and I feel lucky to own a piece by him from his last collection. Can't wait to get more... ;D

  4. Wow, so brilliant! Like the futuristic aspect of it. They look beautiful and menacing at the same time. I would luv to own one of HJ Couture's fashion one day. He is super, super talented.

    Thanks Terri for sharing vid.

  5. Those fashions were simply fabulous! Sinister, futuristic and sexy! Wow, just Wow!