Spotted at The Studio Commissary - Ivy and Ernesto

The Studio Commissary is a wonderful doll board to which many Gene Marshall doll lovers belong. Every day there is a vintage Hollywood image posted on the header and every week there is a theme. This week's theme is "Out of the Closet...Bring out a doll long in storage or take the time to de-box a doll this week!"

I am a great fan of Ernesto Padro Campo's photography and his post today really blew me away.

"Glammed Up Ivy comes out the winner in Madra Lord's Scarlet Temptress"

I can stare at this image forever and follow the lighting as it traces the ripples of fabric of the roses and courses down her profile and back of her neck. The doll is lit perfectly. I like to guess at the settings on the camera and how effects were created. A blurred background is created when the lens aperture is open wider creating a shallow depth of field.


See more of Ernesto's fantastic photography at his flickr photostream.

You can sign up to receive a daily list of postings at the Studio Commissary. It's not just for Gene fans. Lots of us collect other dolls as well.

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