Tonner Direct Releases 2010 Ultra Basic Tyler Dolls

Today Tonner Direct announced two exclusive Ultra Basic Tyler dolls.

The one on the left has platinum hair, blue eyes and bloom skintone. The one on the right has raven hair, green eyes and lily skintone. She looks dead.  I don't know what the fascination is with really white skin unless the doll is supernatural,  in costume or a geisha.

I want a Grey Lady. Boohoo.

You can purchase the pair for $129.99 plus postage. Individually they are $69.99.

Ultra Basic dolls do not come with stands or any accessories such as earrings or shoes. What you see is what you get.


  1. I see what you mean, but some of those "dead" dolls appeal to me!

  2. I think the white skin dolls are a crossover from BJD's.. for a whole lot less money.

    I like these.. but the Raven haired doll makes my OOAK Tonner catalog model doll, that I got at Tonner warehouse sale, (for only $25.00), kind of redundant.

    Oh well.. that's life. I like these though.

  3. I ordered the platinum one. I don't own any Tylers and it's a good price. AS for the pale doll, I guess it's Halloween time?


  4. @Ariss: I think you made the right choice. The platinum doll is a beauty!

  5. i want the dead doll, but i'd put a wig on her to make her all white....like a ghost